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The Desires of My Heart

The moment when I first saw you, I wanted you to be mine! There was a hunger to belong to you! With every single look that you gave, my heart missed a beat and said “How I wish….”
There have been numerous desires in my heart that make me want you every moment. I just want you to be mine, till the end of time. Today, I will share all those wild fantasies of mine with you. Read on :


  • How I wish I could lock your fingers with mine forever <3
  • How I wish I could hug you so tightly and keep in my arms forever <3
  • How I wish I could rest my head in your lap and slip into my world of dreams <3
  • How I wish you had for once, understood me!
  • How I wish you had known how badly it hurts when you ignore me:(
  • How I wish you could pamper me like this for the rest of my life <3
  • How I wish we would have met much earlier.
  • How I wish you could take me in your arms when ever I am feeling low :(
  • How I wish you could take me away, far away to a world where it’s just you, me and our love <3
  • How I wish you could once see yourself through my eyes, that’s when you would know where my world lies <3
  • How I wish I could feel the warmth of your body during those cold winter nights.
  • How I wish you could have once read what my eyes always tried to say:(
  • How I wish I could drink wine from your lips;)
  • How I wish I could forget everything and just be with you, forever and ever <3

The Truth About My Love | Love Phrases

People often make fun of me when they see me smiling for no reason. How do I tell them the truth about my love? Will they be able to understand what my heart says, what my eyes radiate, what my soul feels? No, they won’t! But I know, you can! Here are some of those secret truths that I had hidden in my heart and want you to know today. Read on :


1.One truth about me – I am gone totally insane & it’s not because I have lost my senses but because i see you everywhere, all the time!
2.I loved you yesterday, I love you still, I always have and I always will. The ultimate truth of my life!
3.The only truth I know is that you have completely taken over me!
4.There’s another truth about me which is that I have never and will never love anyone except you, my first & last love, its you!
5.There is just one truth that i find true and it’s that there’s no one like you! I am crazy for you.
6. If you could read the truth behind my eyes, you would know how badly I miss you!
7.If I could tell you the truth that my heart beholds you would come to know there’s no one else who’ll ever love you like I do!
8.The truth of my life is that I am madly in love with you!

My Life Would Be Complete When…

I never realized how incomplete I was before I met you. My life has neared perfection after you became a part of it. But there are still some missing pieces that will complete it in the entirety. Darling, I wanna tell you about those little things that will make a big difference in my life by making it complete. Still waiting for them to happen. Read on :


  • My life would be complete if you and me become we:) 
  • My life would be complete if I get to spend it with you. 
  • My life would be complete if we could be one:) 
  • My life would be complete if you come into it:) 
  • My life would be complete if I get a chance to hold you forever… 
  • My life would be complete if you promise to love me like this till the last breath of my life :)  
  • My life would be complete if you treat me as your princess and love me like I love you, my prince:) 
  • My life would be complete if you let me eat your lips whenever I am hungry;) 
  • My life would be complete when you hear what I say and understand what I don’t. 
  • My life would be complete when we fulfill all those dreams that have seen together <3 
  • My life would be complete when what my heart desires would be mine. 
  • My life would be complete if each day starts with you and ends with you <3 
  • My life would be complete if you promise to accompany me through all thick and thin. 
  • My life would be complete if I see you every morning when I open my eyes and every night before I close my eyes :)

20 Wishes That I Wish For

Being loved by a person like you is a blessing in itself. I don’t know for which deed did God reward me that an angel like you came my way, but whatever it was, I am grateful that it happened. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I just wish we stay like this forever, madly in love with each other. We cry together, we laugh together and this togetherness shall be cherished for a lifetime. This is just one of the wishes that I wish for. There are 19 more. Read on :

Lovers kissing

1.I wish we stay this way forever..madly in love with each other :)
2.I wish to hold your hand and walk through the walk of life:)
3.I wish to be your best friend, your lover, your wife, your only love, your life :)
4.I wish you could read my eyes and understand the sadness behind my smile:(
5.I wish I could lock our lips forever;)
6.I wish to grow old with you:)
7.I wish you could love me the way I love you. You’re my world.
8.I wish to take my last breath in your arms ‘cuz that’s where my Heaven is.
9.I wish to be yours forever!
10.I wish I could hug you and sleep whenever I wanted to.
11.I wish to jump with you from sky, like a free bird. Of course I wish to land safely with you aided by a parachute ;)
12.I wish you are always on my right side as we drive through the hills and valleys of life.
13.I wish the world holds our love as awesome as The Taj Mahal.
14.I wish to hear you whisper my name with the three golden words in my ear every morning:)
15.I wish you love me like this forever <3
16.I wish to sleep in your arms every night with your breath on my skin:)
17.I wish to get wet in the rain with you.
18.I wish to see every sunrise and sunset of my life with you
19.I wish to love you like Juliet loved Romeo.
20.I wish to live my entire life loving you, caring for you, being there for you..just being yours forever!

My Three Words For You

Whenever you ask me how much I love you, I find myself fumbling because I really can’t get those perfect words that can describe what eternity means! When every single heartbeat takes you name, every breath of mine reminds me of your touch, it gets difficult to express what’s going on within me! You have become my world and now I don’t wanna live without you for even a single second. I love you like crazy but these three words can’t explain my emotions in the entirety. So, here is my collection of three words that will let you know what you mean to me and what your love means to me. Read on :

Romantic couple on bench

Three words for you : Hungry for you ;)
Three words for you : You are everything:)
Three words for you : You are beautiful:)
Three words for you : Crazy for you!!
Three words for you : Love Your Fragrance:)
Three words for you : Love Your Touch:)
Three words for you : Love Your Smile:)
Three words for you : Please stay forever:)
Three words for you : My true soulmate :)
Three words for you : My Cuppy Cake ;)
Three words for you : My Only Love
Three words for you : Please be mine:)
Three words for you : Love You Forever:)
Three words for you : We belong together.
Three words for you : You are mine.
Three words for you : I am yours.
Three words for you : I Need You!
Three words for you : I Want You!
Three words for you : I Love You :)

I Am Only Yours

Yes, I am mad about you! I am deeply in love with you! Your eyes, your smile, your hair, your fragrance, every single thing drives me crazy! Your simplicity knocks me off my feet. I don’t know what magic it is, but for sure you are an angel with some supreme powers who has enchanted me. Today, I wanna gift you something. I want to present you my heart that beats for you. I want to offer you my soul that craves for you. I want to give you myself because I love you truly, madly and deeply! From the day when we first met, I knew that we belong together. Please accept me because I am only yours, forever!

I Am Only Yours

  • My mornings become beautiful when I wake up with the thought that you are mine and I am yours. 
  • Darling, I am yours till all the stars fall from the sky, till all the oceans turn dry :)  
  • I am yours until the sun no longer shines, until the end of time :)  
  • Why do you need to worry about desserts when I am yours ;)  
  • My lips want to embrace your lips, my hands want to caress your back, make me yours, my love. I am yours.
  • I am yours and you’re only mine! Better know that! 
  • I am yours until I die!

25 Things I Want You To Do To Me

I have loved you a numberless times for numberless things that you do to make me feel special. I know you already do a lot to quench my thirst for your love but here are those 25 things that I want you to do to me, not once, but always..every single day..every single moment. I want to be loved by you. I want to see the hunger to belong together in your eyes. I want to feel like I am special to you. Come on honey! Am I asking for a little too much?

Read on these 25 things that will help you win my heart. Haven’t I made it too easy for you now. What are you waiting for then? Get going, darling ;)

25 Things I Want You To Do To Me

  1. I want you to know that my love for you is insatiable! 
  2. I want you to understand what I don’t say. 
  3. I want you to take over the control tonight..I wanna lose myself to you! 
  4. I want you to smile because that is what brightens my days :)  
  5. I want you to caress my back with your hands to comfort my soul and melt my heart <3 
  6. I want you to seal my lips with yours forever <3 
  7. I want you to need me the way I need you..badly! 
  8. I want you to you make me feel loved, make me feel wanted, make me feel special..make me yours! 
  9. I want you to love me forever…till eternity lasts.
  10. I want you to eat my lips like you eat your favorite candy ;)  
  11. I want you to want me the way I want you. 
  12. I want you to love me like the first and the last love of your life. 
  13. I want you to fight the world for me.
  14. I want you to make me feel like I am the only person you ever wanted. 
  15. I want you to love me at my best as well as my worst. 
  16. I want you to show this sky that I also have a moon with me:) 
  17. I want you to make all my days special by being a part of them..You make my life special:) 
  18. I want you to be with me all the time, so that I can fight with the whole world. 
  19. I want you to lift me from the couch in your arms and take me into the bedroom:) 
  20. I want you to love me for what I am! 
  21. I want you to hug me tightly when I am upset. 
  22. I want you to know that you mean the world to me <3 
  23. I want you to forget all the desserts and just remember me ;)  
  24. I want you to kiss my tears when I cry and promise me that you’ll never let me cry again. 
  25. I want you to be my lover, my best friend, my soulmate, my parents, my siblings, my everything..my world :)


Where You Are With Me

Do you know which are the best moments of my life? They are the moments that I spend with you. Being with you gives me a sense of satisfaction, your presence completes me. When you are with me I forget about all my fears, there aren’t any reasons for tears and the only wish I have in that moment is for it to last for years and years. Today, I wanna let you know the difference that you’ve made to my life. I wanna tell you how it feels to be with you. Here are some of those emotions that take over my senses when you are with me. Read on :

When you are with me

  • When you are with me I am careless because I know you are there to take care of me. 
  • When you are with me it feels like I am in heaven. 
  • I don’t want anyone to call me or text me when you are with me.
  • All my dreams come true when you are with me.
  • When you are with me I am free..I can be me without having to worry about anyone or anything! 
  • When you are with me I feel perfect ♥ 
  • When you are with me nothing else matters!! 
  • When you are with me I feel complete ♥ 
  • When you are with me I don’t want anything else because you are my everything ♥ 
  • I feel on the top of the world when you are with me ♥ 
  • When you are with me times seems to stop, wind seems to freeze and world seems to become still. 
  • When you are with me I feel like biting your cheeks, pulling you hair, sitting on your lap, nibbling your lips..umm..i want the whole of you ♥

I Hate You But I Love You

Does the title seem a bit confusing? Well, it is! The reason for such a title is simple! My lover loves me so deeply that I have become addicted to this emotion! His love is the drug that keeps me intoxicated all the time. I hate him for loving me like this because I know that nobody else will ever be able to match the  care and warmth of his love.

Darling, I hate you for several reasons because now that you’ve totally taken over my senses, I always live with the fear of loosing you. You have spoiled me with your care. You have made me relive my childhood days. You let me be mad and silly anytime. I love you for many reasons but there are a few reasons that make me hate you and it’s because I don’t wanna live without you ever.

Following are those reasons that make my heart sink with the fear of loosing you and that is when I find myself hating you!

Love you forever


1.I hate you because you always read my mind and know what I am gonna do!
2.I hate you for pampering me so much and making me a spoiled child ;)
3.I hate you for being so sweet..It has made me diabetic!
4.I hate you because I can’t do anything except thinking about you..
5.I hate you because you leave me craving for more and more of you…Why do you go away??
6.I hate you because you just kiss me in the morning, afternoon and night…What about the rest of the hours ;)
7.I hate you for not being able to give me all your time. I am greedy for you ;)

You Are Simply Perfect

Many a times I sit down and think that what must have I done that I have been blessed to have such an amazing partner in life. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You are simply perfect because you know me inside out. You understand me in the entirety. The words that I don’t speak are heard by your heart. How is it possible? How can you be so perfect that even the definition of perfect seems to fail in front of you. The little things that you do for me that nobody else does are what makes me believe that you are the one, the only one I ever wanted.

My love, I am not perfect but I will always try to love you perfectly, in the best way I can. I am really grateful to God for bringing my way an angel like you. Here are those 13 things that make you beyond perfect for the imperfect me :

You are simply perfect!

You are simply perfect!

  1. You are perfect because you know like no one else knows! 
  2. You are perfect because you know what I want without me asking for it. 
  3. You know what makes me smile when I am low. You are perfect 
  4. You are perfect because you know when you touch me, where to touch me and how to touch me! You drive me crazy! 
  5. You are perfect because our imperfections match perfectly :)  
  6. You are perfect because your fingers fit mine perfectly ;)  
  7. Hmm… Do we make a perfect couple. You are perfect ;)  
  8. Hmm… Awesome would be an understatement, YouArePerfect! 
  9. You know how to make your views go viral. You are perfect 
  10. You do what nobody else can do for me. Your smile makes my day :) You are perfect 
  11. I would happily lose to you..You are perfect :)  
  12. You really know how to dance ;) You are perfect 
  13. You are perfect because you marry my weirdness perfectly ;)