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I Hate You But I Love You

Does the title seem a bit confusing? Well, it is! The reason for such a title is simple! My lover loves me so deeply that I have become addicted to this emotion! His love is the drug that keeps me intoxicated all the time. I hate him for loving me like this because I know that nobody else will ever be able to match the  care and warmth of his love.

Darling, I hate you for several reasons because now that you’ve totally taken over my senses, I always live with the fear of loosing you. You have spoiled me with your care. You have made me relive my childhood days. You let me be mad and silly anytime. I love you for many reasons but there are a few reasons that make me hate you and it’s because I don’t wanna live without you ever.

Following are those reasons that make my heart sink with the fear of loosing you and that is when I find myself hating you!

Love you forever


1.I hate you because you always read my mind and know what I am gonna do!
2.I hate you for pampering me so much and making me a spoiled child ;)
3.I hate you for being so sweet..It has made me diabetic!
4.I hate you because I can’t do anything except thinking about you..
5.I hate you because you leave me craving for more and more of you…Why do you go away??
6.I hate you because you just kiss me in the morning, afternoon and night…What about the rest of the hours ;)
7.I hate you for not being able to give me all your time. I am greedy for you ;)