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A kiss to say ‘You are mine.’

When words fall short send love kisses to your true love and make him/her feel special …


A kiss to say You are special.
A kiss to say my world looks so beautiful with you in it.
A kiss to say I love you forever.
A kiss to say I will give you my life .
A kiss to say you are the world to me.
A kiss to say you take me to cloud nine.
A kiss to say you are sweeter than honey
A kiss to say you touched my heart.
A kiss to say you are sunshine in my life.
A kiss to say you are most precious to me.

Our First Kiss!!!

If ever you think of me out of the blue, just remember it’s all the kisses I’ve blown in the air finally catching up with you! Passionate-Kiss

I will never forget our first kiss.
You stole my heart with our first kiss.
I still remember our first kiss.
Our first kiss those long tight hugs our late night conversation I remember all.
I always think of our first kiss when it rains.
Our first kiss is the most wonderful kiss of my life.
I want our first kiss to go on like a poem,
Our first kiss still makes me smile.
Thank you so much for our first kiss your giggles and smiles I always miss.
From our first kiss to our last breath,you will be mine and I will be yours .

Our First Kiss

We were playing when you suddenly came close and held me by the waist, looked deep into my eyes and started moving your fingers through my hair slowly. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was because I knew something out of this world was going to happen. The sound of your breathing was making me so nervous, the warmth of your arms was making me melt and then your love took over. I lost all control and submitted myself because my heart desired to belong to you that moment. When you cupped my face in your hands, I felt like I am in heaven. The moment your lips rubbed against mine, my heart popped and my soul entered a state of trance. How I wish it wouldn’t have just ended and continued like that for the rest of our life. There were countless emotions that I experienced during those moments of bliss. Wanna let you know today how special you made me feel with that first kiss of ours. Read on :


  • Our first kiss intoxicated me so much that till date I am blamed for being drunk! 
  • Our first kiss was the most precious moment of my life. 
  • Our first kiss intrigued such a thirst for your love which can never be quenched! 
  • Our first kiss ignited a flame of passion within me! 
  • Our first kiss was the most divine experience of my life <3 
  • I can never forget our first kiss because that was the moment when I gave my heart to you! 
  • Our first kiss tasted like the finest vintage wine! I wanna get drunk again and again! 
  • The warmth of our first kiss melted me in your arms and then, I knew I was never going to be the same person again <3 
  • Our first kiss sealed our hearts together, forever <3 
  • Our first kiss sent ripples to my heart <3 
  • Even if I lost my memory, I won’t forget our first kiss.
  • Our first kiss was what brought me to life! 
  • Our first kiss felt like Heaven.