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My Heart belongs to you !!!!!

Love is everything. It is the key to life, and its influences are those that move the world.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


My heart belongs to you !!
My heart is yours
My heart is and always will be yours
My heart is perfect because you are inside.
Home is where my heart is.
My heart is boundless
You have the key to my heart.
My heart leaps up when I behold you in my arms.
My heart is filled with the jewels of your beautiful sweet love.
My heart is lost to you.

The Desires of My Heart

The moment when I first saw you, I wanted you to be mine! There was a hunger to belong to you! With every single look that you gave, my heart missed a beat and said “How I wish….”
There have been numerous desires in my heart that make me want you every moment. I just want you to be mine, till the end of time. Today, I will share all those wild fantasies of mine with you. Read on :


  • How I wish I could lock your fingers with mine forever <3
  • How I wish I could hug you so tightly and keep in my arms forever <3
  • How I wish I could rest my head in your lap and slip into my world of dreams <3
  • How I wish you had for once, understood me!
  • How I wish you had known how badly it hurts when you ignore me:(
  • How I wish you could pamper me like this for the rest of my life <3
  • How I wish we would have met much earlier.
  • How I wish you could take me in your arms when ever I am feeling low :(
  • How I wish you could take me away, far away to a world where it’s just you, me and our love <3
  • How I wish you could once see yourself through my eyes, that’s when you would know where my world lies <3
  • How I wish I could feel the warmth of your body during those cold winter nights.
  • How I wish you could have once read what my eyes always tried to say:(
  • How I wish I could drink wine from your lips;)
  • How I wish I could forget everything and just be with you, forever and ever <3