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Have you ever been asked to explain what love means? Do you find yourself trapped within your thoughts because you don’t find those perfect ways to word your definition of love? Relax and read this article where we offer 26 unique definitions for the word love, our ACBD of love!


Love is : Amazing.
Love is : Beautiful.
Love is : Caring for your partner unconditionally.
Love is : Daring to fight the world for the one you love.
Love is : Eternal.
Love is : Friendship.
Love is : Great..It can move mountains.
Love is : Hope.
Love is : Intense!
Love is : Just You & Me.
Love is : Kind.
Love is : Loyalty.
Love is : Magical.
Love is : Never Ending.
Love is : Oneness with your partner.
Love is : Passion!
Love is : Quaintly profound.
Love is : Romancing of the souls.
Love is : Serenity with your lover.
Love is : Timeless in expanse.
Love is : Undying devotion.
Love is : Varied in emotions.
Love is : Warm and fills you up.
Love is : X-mas all year long.
Love is : Yearning for more and more of your partner’s warmth.
Love is : Zealous in endeavors.