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Chocolaty Love Poem


Box of chocolates that are divine, tells of our love entwined.
Donuts, for those lovely dates that help us seal our loving fate.
Cookies for your sweet smile, which makes me go that extra mile.
Chocolate balls, to make your heart melt, like the first time when I saw you I felt.
Lollipop, for those sweet days that we spent together in the summer haze.
Mousse, for the moonlit nights, when holding your hands was my sweet prize.
Cupcakes, for my love so true, I would do anything for you.
Strawberries dipped in chocolates, remind me of you, for my love for you is so true.
Chocolate rose, I give to you, a symbol of my eternal love for you.
Chocolate cake, cannot compare to the love that my for you ensnares.
Chocolate pastry, like you is so sweet, you make me feel complete.
Chocolate bouquet, to let you know that I love you moreover so.