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Your Eyes Are Beautiful

You know you are in true love when you see your entire world in your lover’s eyes. That’s exactly the feeling that helped me find you! The day when you looked into my eyes and smiled, my heart told my mind that you’re the one who is made for me. Your eyes spoke directly to my heart and before I could do anything, I was changed totally. I knew I’ll never be the same again. From that moment till this moment, I have been madly in love with you and believe me, I don’t want it to stop ever! I want to completely drown in your love. The naughtiness that your eyes did to my heart made my life beautiful and blessed me with the most wonderful gift of my life, you! I wanna thank your eyes for talking the talk of your heart through these heartfelt words of mine :


  • Your eyes always sing a song to me <3 
  • Your eyes secretly assure my heart that no matter what happens, you’ll always be with me. 
  • I find my world in your eyes. 
  • No matter where I go, I always see your eyes whenever I close my eyes. 
  • Whenever I look into your eyes , I enter into a different world altogether. 
  • Your eyes speak the language of your love. 
  • The beauty of your soul can be seen in your eyes . 
  • Your eyes control me completely! 
  • There isn’t anything more beautiful in this world than your eyes 
  • Your eyes know how to make me crazy! 
  • If there could be an eight wonder in this world, it would be your eyes. 
  • Your eyes have the power to keep me intoxicated forever! 
  • Your eyes are so incredibly deep that I just can’t help drowning in them. 
  • When you move your your eyes between my eyes and lips, my heart starts missing its beats! 
  • If the angels ask me about the best thing I had seen in my life, I would tell them about your eyes.