Your Love is a blessing

What does love mean to you? It means thinking of someone before yourself, it means sharing your time and attention with someone and if love is happening that means ego and fear have taken a walk.56528797

Love for me is the feeling of being in heaven!

Love for me is the warmth of your arms that console me when I am upset!

Love for me is your smile, your eyes, your breath on my skin!

Love for me is to see my u nborn children in your arms!

Love for me is what I feel when you touch me!

Love for me is to cuddle and snuggle with you and then fall asleep in your arms!

Love for me is waking up in your arms.!

Love for me is natural, irrational, and very important!

Love for me is two minds with a single thought!

Love for me is to love you,need you and miss you.


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