You Are Simply Perfect

Many a times I sit down and think that what must have I done that I have been blessed to have such an amazing partner in life. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You are simply perfect because you know me inside out. You understand me in the entirety. The words that I don’t speak are heard by your heart. How is it possible? How can you be so perfect that even the definition of perfect seems to fail in front of you. The little things that you do for me that nobody else does are what makes me believe that you are the one, the only one I ever wanted.

My love, I am not perfect but I will always try to love you perfectly, in the best way I can. I am really grateful to God for bringing my way an angel like you. Here are those 13 things that make you beyond perfect for the imperfect me :

You are simply perfect!

You are simply perfect!

  1. You are perfect because you know like no one else knows! 
  2. You are perfect because you know what I want without me asking for it. 
  3. You know what makes me smile when I am low. You are perfect 
  4. You are perfect because you know when you touch me, where to touch me and how to touch me! You drive me crazy! 
  5. You are perfect because our imperfections match perfectly :)  
  6. You are perfect because your fingers fit mine perfectly ;)  
  7. Hmm… Do we make a perfect couple. You are perfect ;)  
  8. Hmm… Awesome would be an understatement, YouArePerfect! 
  9. You know how to make your views go viral. You are perfect 
  10. You do what nobody else can do for me. Your smile makes my day :) You are perfect 
  11. I would happily lose to you..You are perfect :)  
  12. You really know how to dance ;) You are perfect 
  13. You are perfect because you marry my weirdness perfectly ;)

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