On My Wishlist

My love for you is insatiable! My heart just doesn’t seem to get enough of it. I want more and more and more. I keep dreaming about you all the time. I dream of our future where every single day would have a romantic memory in it. These are 8 secret desires that are there on my wishlist. Hope one day we’ll be able to live all our dreams. Read the following 8 wishes that I have :

On my wishlist

I will always love you:)

1.I wish our love story has a happy ending. Together we will fight the world and make this beautiful dream come true.
2.I wish you could be here to take care of me like you always used to. I need you. Missing you:(
3.I wish to be the last love of your life :)
4.I wish you could see how much it pains to live without you even for a single day:( Please come back soon.
5.I wish to see your face as the first thing every morning when I open my eyes for the rest of my life.
6.I wish to take you to moon and make it realize that its not beautiful anymore…:)
7.I wish you love me like this forever <3
8.I wish to spend the rest of my life in your arms, by your side:)


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