I Am Only Yours

Yes, I am mad about you! I am deeply in love with you! Your eyes, your smile, your hair, your fragrance, every single thing drives me crazy! Your simplicity knocks me off my feet. I don’t know what magic it is, but for sure you are an angel with some supreme powers who has enchanted me. Today, I wanna gift you something. I want to present you my heart that beats for you. I want to offer you my soul that craves for you. I want to give you myself because I love you truly, madly and deeply! From the day when we first met, I knew that we belong together. Please accept me because I am only yours, forever!

I Am Only Yours

  • My mornings become beautiful when I wake up with the thought that you are mine and I am yours. 
  • Darling, I am yours till all the stars fall from the sky, till all the oceans turn dry :)  
  • I am yours until the sun no longer shines, until the end of time :)  
  • Why do you need to worry about desserts when I am yours ;)  
  • My lips want to embrace your lips, my hands want to caress your back, make me yours, my love. I am yours.
  • I am yours and you’re only mine! Better know that! 
  • I am yours until I die!

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