And the reason is you

Ever since I met you, I have been a totally different person. I have changed, changed for the better and the reason is nobody else but you. I thank you for coming into my life and making it such a fabulous experience.


And the reason in you..

Want to know who I was before I became what I am today? Read on :

  • I was the first one to end my meal and get up from the dinner table. But now I am the last one.
  • Whenever I feel low, I look at the stars and think of you. Instantly they start shining even brighter.
  • When I return home after meeting you, I look at the moon for hours thinking hw jealous it would be of your serene beauty!
  • I was perfectly normal. But now I am an insane insomniac! Ur eyes, ur lips, ur hair! You have completely taken over me!
  • I was allergic to fragrances and colognes before I discovered the fragrance of your body! I am addicted to it now!
  • I was such a tomboy before you came into my life and brought out the chic lady within me.
  • I used to shiver during those cold winter nights, but now, your love keeps me warm.
  • I never believed in God’s existence. But now I do.
  • When every minute is like a life time, when my senses are not of mine
  • I was happy being wat I was, bt you’ve made me insatiable! Now I wanna be better & better, so dat I can be perfect for u!
  • I didn’t know I could get so nervous at the single sight of you.
  • You make me wanna be a better person.
  • When I think about you and me together, I feel like I wanna live forever.
  • Ever since you came into my life, every single day has become a celebration.
  • Your love is what makes me strong. When you are not with me, I feel so weak.
  • I keep smiling all the time and people wonder if I have gone crazy.
  • I was an early riser but ever since you came into my life, your dreams make me late for work everyday;)
  • As you came into my life, I started thinking about living. I found myself..
  • I was never afraid of dying. But now, I am.
  • I was going through the darkest phase of my life when suddenly you came and saved me. Your love did the magic :)
  • I didn’t know what love meant before you came into my life and defined it for me.
  • I want to become the best, because you deserve the best…
  • I did not know there was a kid inside me who wanted to be pampered all the time. I am a spoiled child now;)
  • I never thought I could love someone so truly, so madly, so deeply!

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