¬†Your eyes spoke directly to my heart and before I could do anything, I was changed totally. I knew I’ll never be the same again. From that moment till this moment, I have been madly in love with you and believe me, I don’t want it to stop ever! I want to completely drown in your love.


Your eyes are beautiful like sweetest stars I have ever seen.
Your eyes drives me crazy.
Your eyes show me my today,tomorrow and my future for the rest of my life.
Your eyes reflects your beauty.
When I see the love in your eyes everything starts to be alright.
I want so much to open of your eyes because I need you to look into mine.
I love the way how your beautiful eyes look at me.
I can see the magic in your eyes which makes me crazy for you.
When I look into your eyes I feel stronger and weaker at the same time.
Looking into your eyes is a source of happiness for me.

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