25 Things I Want You To Do To Me

I have loved you a numberless times for numberless things that you do to make me feel special. I know you already do a lot to quench my thirst for your love but here are those 25 things that I want you to do to me, not once, but always..every single day..every single moment. I want to be loved by you. I want to see the hunger to belong together in your eyes. I want to feel like I am special to you. Come on honey! Am I asking for a little too much?

Read on these 25 things that will help you win my heart. Haven’t I made it too easy for you now. What are you waiting for then? Get going, darling ;)

25 Things I Want You To Do To Me

  1. I want you to know that my love for you is insatiable! 
  2. I want you to understand what I don’t say. 
  3. I want you to take over the control tonight..I wanna lose myself to you! 
  4. I want you to smile because that is what brightens my days :)  
  5. I want you to caress my back with your hands to comfort my soul and melt my heart <3 
  6. I want you to seal my lips with yours forever <3 
  7. I want you to need me the way I need you..badly! 
  8. I want you to you make me feel loved, make me feel wanted, make me feel special..make me yours! 
  9. I want you to love me forever…till eternity lasts.
  10. I want you to eat my lips like you eat your favorite candy ;)  
  11. I want you to want me the way I want you. 
  12. I want you to love me like the first and the last love of your life. 
  13. I want you to fight the world for me.
  14. I want you to make me feel like I am the only person you ever wanted. 
  15. I want you to love me at my best as well as my worst. 
  16. I want you to show this sky that I also have a moon with me:) 
  17. I want you to make all my days special by being a part of them..You make my life special:) 
  18. I want you to be with me all the time, so that I can fight with the whole world. 
  19. I want you to lift me from the couch in your arms and take me into the bedroom:) 
  20. I want you to love me for what I am! 
  21. I want you to hug me tightly when I am upset. 
  22. I want you to know that you mean the world to me <3 
  23. I want you to forget all the desserts and just remember me ;)  
  24. I want you to kiss my tears when I cry and promise me that you’ll never let me cry again. 
  25. I want you to be my lover, my best friend, my soulmate, my parents, my siblings, my everything..my world :)


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