10 Wishes I wish for

Being in love with you is the best thing that happened to me .You have filled me life with love and happiness.I love you !!


I wish to jump with you from sky, like a free bird. Of course I wish to land safely with you aided by a parachute ;)
I wish you are always on my right side as we drive through the hills and valleys of life.
I wish the world holds our love as awesome as The Taj Mahal.
I wish to hear you whisper my name with the three golden words in my ear every morning:)
I wish you love me like this forever <3
I wish to sleep in your arms every night with your breath on my skin:)
I wish to get wet in the rain with you.
I wish to see every sunrise and sunset of my life with you
I wish to love you like Juliet loved Romeo.
I wish to live my entire life loving you, caring for you, being there for you..just being yours forever!

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