It Hurts So Bad

Who said love is going to be a bed of roses? Even if it was, don’t forget the thorns that come complimentary with those roses. Yes, being in love is a beautiful feeling but there are some phases that bring sadness and showers of tears with them. So, if you are expecting your relationship to be a smooth sail, wake up! Expectations always hurt. And it’s because nobody is perfect but everyone falls in love with the image of a perfect lover in their mind which is just not possible to find. People are unique and it’s their imperfections that make them unique. Don’t try to find the perfect lover but try to create the perfect love with your imperfect lover because even you are not perfect!

At times your lover may do things that may hurt you a lot but for him/her those things may not be as significant as they are for you. Here are few of those things that hurt a lover’s sentiments like hell. Read on :

It Hurts So Bad

Love Hurts :(

1.It hurts when you get mad at me for no reason!
2.It hurts when I call you and you straightaway tell me that you don’t wanna talk to me:(
3.To not be able to solve a few of your problems it hurts.
4.It hurts whenever you leave me and say goodbye.
5.It hurts when I realize what I fool I was to love you with such purity and sincerity. You just don’t deserve it!
6.I did everything for you but you didn’t realize it and went away from my life. It hurts.
7.It hurts when I need you badly and you are not with me :(
8.It hurts when you treat me badly. It seems you have changed from what you were when you met me:(



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