It Feels So Bad | Love Hurts

Who said being in love is going to be a cakewalk? Its definitely a beautiful feeling but the roses of love get nurtured with happiness, joy, pain and tears! Yes, that’s right. There are some days that make me feel that life is at its best and it can’t be more perfect than this. These are the days when we are together and everything is just the way it should be, lovey-dovey. But then there are days, when you make me believe that no, we are not meant for each other. You make me hate myself. Then I think and rethink that are you doing it intentionally? That’s when I get an answer from within that says no, you are not.

Darling, I know we all make mistakes because none of us is perfect but can’t we forgive each other sometimes without arguing over who’s mistake it was. Can’t you ignore my flaws and try and love me perfectly? I love you truly and that is what makes me believe that one day, we will be together forever and then there won’t be any place for tears and sadness.

Please forgive me for the times when I have goofed up and embarrassed you but honey, isn’t love about accepting your partner with their flaws. Sometimes I feel you’ve taken me for granted but the moment you speak to me in that sweet tone, I forget all my sorrows and fall in love again. I melt in your love the moment you wrap me in your warmth. I am sharing some of those things that you did, and may be will continue to do, which hurt me. It feels really bad at times when the person I love so deeply hurts me and then doesn’t even care about how deep that pain becomes.

Love Hurts

  1. It feels bad when you lie to me and break your promises.
  2. It feels bad when I feel its only me who wants this relationship and not you! 
  3. It feels bad when I am unwell but still you don’t make enough time to take care of me:( 
  4. It feels bad to see you smiling and having a good time with your friends when I am upset, lonely, suffering the pain of being hurt by you :(  
  5. It feels bad when you hang up the phone without saying bye :(  
  6. It feels bad when you make me feel inferior by disrespecting my views and thoughts. 
  7. It feels bad when I dress up for you and you don’t even notice! 
  8. It feels bad when you don’t pay attention to what I am saying:( 
  9. It feels bad when I am crying and instead of hugging me you get irritated and start yelling at me! 
  10. It feels bad when you don’t care for me when I need you the most :(  
  11. It feels bad when you give all your time to your friends and forget about me:( 
  12. It feels bad when you make me feel unwanted in your life :(  
  13. It feels bad when I am dying to talk to you and you bluntly say that you are not in the mood to talk to me :(  
  14. It feels bad when you get mad at me for no reason at all:( 
  15. It feels bad when you ignore the things that are special to me.

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