I Miss You Like Crazy!

My love, you are driving me crazy! I just don’t know why do I miss you so much. There isn’t a single minute that flies without making me miss you. You are the drug and I am totally addicted to you. Here are those 7 moments when I miss you the most, moments that don’t let me sleep, moments that make me so insatiable for your love that in that moment, the only thing I wish for is you to come to me and take me in your arms. Read on :

Missing you

Miss the moments that I spent with you

1.The moment I close my eyes, I see your face. The moment I open my eyes, I see your face. OMG! I miss you like crazy!
2.I miss you when I am working and suddenly come across a romantic picture of a couple. Wish you were here.
3.Even though you are not with me, but your sweet memories will always be there with me. I miss you.
4.I miss you when we are talking over the phone and I close my eyes to remember the moments I spent with you.
5.When I see moon, I see you. When I see stars, I see you. When I see the sun, I see you. When I see myself in the mirror, I see you. I miss you all the time.
6.I miss you till the moon and back.
7.I miss you when I get back home after spending a lovely day with you.

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