I Wanna Tell You I am Sorry

There are so many times when I hurt you and made you cry. I myself don’t know what happened to me and why did i behave like that. But, my love, I am really sorry for giving you pain. Although I am not perfect but I shall try my level best to love you in the perfect way. Here are those 7 instances that made me feel guilty for hurting such a wonderful person like you.

Hope you’ll be able to forgive me for the following reasons when things got all messed up. Read on :

I am sorry
I am sorry for hurting you:(

1.I am sorry if my heart is mean not to give yours back….:)
2.You are precious, you are so precious.I am sorry to have overlooked your challenge. Sorry, my dear! I need a hug, big one!
3.I had a bad day at work and hell it had a fall out while at home. Love you my dear, I am sorry
4.I was so busy at work that I couldn’t get time to call you. I am sorry my love but I missed you all the time. You were always on my mind <3
I am sorry but I cant stop myself from staring at you! If I don’t, still you will be in my eyes.
5.It is so tough to hurt you but I do succeed at times, you are my life sweetheart. I am sorry
6.I am sorry for all those times when I kept you waiting for long hours.


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