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I want to kiss you !!

If a kiss would say just how much I love you.. my lips would be on yours forever! So I really want to miss you.


I want to kiss you every minute,every hour and everyday.
I want to kiss you whenever I want.
I want to kiss you and tell you how much I love you.
I want to kiss you all over and laugh with you and smile with you.
I want to kiss you in the rain.
I want to kiss you until the world disappears.
I want to kiss you and cuddle you.
I want to kiss your lips and only your lips.

Together we can !

A relationship is a two way street. It’s never all your fault or the other persons. You go into the relationship together and work through it all together.


Together we can change the world.
Together we can create the future we want to see.
Together we can fulfill all our dreams
Together we can make a difference.
Together we can make this world a beautiful place to live.
Together we can do so much alone we can do so little.
Together we can live our best dream
Together we can forget all our fears.
Together we can fight the whole world.
Together we can live our life to the fullest.

I am yours !!!

The only place in the world where I would like to be is beside you !!Th only words I would like to hear all my life is yours… I am all yours … yours and only yours !! not for now.. not for tomorrow but all my life..!!


I am yours and you are mine.
It does not matter where I am. I am yours
Lets flip a coin Head, you are mine and tail, I am yours.
Love doesn’t mean you are mine but rather saying I am yours .
I am yours and you are mine it is brighter than sunshine.
I am yours and I ‘ll be yours until the stars fall from the sky.
I am yours forever.
In my life you are dream and in my dream you are mine and I am yours.
It feels great to wake up every morning knowing you are mine and I am yours.
You have my heart and I am yours forever.

A real friend !!

Difficult to give ,difficult to rise,difficult to dream,difficult to express this all becomes ao easy when one has a friend like you


A real friend is someone you can do nothing with and enjoy it.
A real friend dont have to see you or speak to daily to remain in your heart.
A real friend is someone no one can replace.
A real friend is someone you can laugh with till the tears run down your face.
A real friend is a place when you have no place to go.
A real friend gives hope when life is low.
A real friend is my world.
A real friend is the most beautiful flower in the garden of my friendship.
A real friend is rare and precious gift.
A real friend laughs at your stories when they are not good.

Chocolaty Love Poem


Box of chocolates that are divine, tells of our love entwined.
Donuts, for those lovely dates that help us seal our loving fate.
Cookies for your sweet smile, which makes me go that extra mile.
Chocolate balls, to make your heart melt, like the first time when I saw you I felt.
Lollipop, for those sweet days that we spent together in the summer haze.
Mousse, for the moonlit nights, when holding your hands was my sweet prize.
Cupcakes, for my love so true, I would do anything for you.
Strawberries dipped in chocolates, remind me of you, for my love for you is so true.
Chocolate rose, I give to you, a symbol of my eternal love for you.
Chocolate cake, cannot compare to the love that my for you ensnares.
Chocolate pastry, like you is so sweet, you make me feel complete.
Chocolate bouquet, to let you know that I love you moreover so.