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True love poems are the ideal way to express the beauty of being in love with your special someone. Go ahead and dedicate these romantic love poems to your lover and let your emotions flow freely!

Spice Up Your Relationship

spice your love life2


Those unexpected kisses thrilled every inch of me,
Getting sudsy in the tub together, turned on the heat!
One dance, the same closeness, took my breath away,
When you massaged my back, our fading love got a bright new ray!
Snuggling and cuddling, reading our favorite love story,
Chocolates to set the mood and take our love to newer heights of glory!
That much awaited vacation rekindled the flame of romance,
Watching the romantic sunset put us in a state of trance!
Naughtyily propped it up, I wanted to be taken over once again,
The bed was set, the ambiance got as addictive as cocaine!
The red dress still had the same turned you on,
We set the night on was our love’s new dawn!

I am sorry my love!

I am sorry poems

Everyone makes mistakes once in a while.
I know you made one too, and I know I refused to smile.
You gave me roses and I refused to see.
I know I didn’t listen to you even when you got down on one knee.
I told you that you were breaking my heart.
Even the kids could see that it was tearing us apart.
Our little boy came with a placard about you.
Our little angel told us that she is sorry from your side and she loves you too.
Maybe it was when they re-enacted a scene about us.
Your miss you note melt me and I knew I could not fuss.
I left an I love you note for you to say it was all right.
You held my face in your hands and told me that you didn’t want to fight.
We hugged each other and knew that it was love, where passions flare so high, sometimes it gets tough.

The Magic of Love


When others studied biology, loveology was what made sense to us,
No matter what people had to say, we were always in love, even in the public bus!
Movies were an excuse to hold your hand and feel your touch,
Those long drives, prolonged chats, was what I loved very much!
Rowing the boat while dreaming of our future gave us immense pleasure,
The candlelit dinners with a sweet kiss as dessert are my life’s true treasure!
Our love was growing even higher than the Eiffel Tower,
The train journeys became memorable because of the love that you showered!
Every game in the stadium became uninteresting when our love story reached its goal,
A happily married couple that loved each other’s soul.
Those long flights became short with you by my side,
I love to take care of you, in you my whole world resides!

Chocolaty Love Poem


Box of chocolates that are divine, tells of our love entwined.
Donuts, for those lovely dates that help us seal our loving fate.
Cookies for your sweet smile, which makes me go that extra mile.
Chocolate balls, to make your heart melt, like the first time when I saw you I felt.
Lollipop, for those sweet days that we spent together in the summer haze.
Mousse, for the moonlit nights, when holding your hands was my sweet prize.
Cupcakes, for my love so true, I would do anything for you.
Strawberries dipped in chocolates, remind me of you, for my love for you is so true.
Chocolate rose, I give to you, a symbol of my eternal love for you.
Chocolate cake, cannot compare to the love that my for you ensnares.
Chocolate pastry, like you is so sweet, you make me feel complete.
Chocolate bouquet, to let you know that I love you moreover so.

Those First Dates


The movies that we watch together are so much like our own love story.
That evening, that date on the boat rowed our relationship towards glory!
This love is greater than the mountains that we enjoy watching together,
Eating the cheese cake from your hands at the coffee shop is a priceless pleasure!
Dancing in the club to our favorite tunes makes my heart dance with joy,
Playing with you in the snow like little kids is what I immensely enjoy!
The candlelit dinners always leave a romantic feeling lingering,
You never fail to amaze me with your clean sweep shots when we go for bowling!
Let’s enjoy the joyride of our life just the way we enjoy it at the amusement parks,
And let the meadows burn with the fire that our love sparks!
The thirst of desert seems to be get quenched when you are with me,
The beach turns into Heaven at sunset where I pray for this love to last till eternity!

I Want To Fly Like A Bird


I am a bird, I want to fly…
Rise to the skies of success and soar really high…
It’s a bright new morning and a fresh start…
I kissed freedom and now, we shall never part…
I want to hop between these clear sparkling streams…
And enjoy my heart out, from summers to springs…
Now, there’s no stopping to my flight…
‘Cuz He’s my torch bearer, He’s showing me the light…
Today, I want to hug the sky and play with the stars…
I will sing the song of my heart while Nature plays the guitar…
Today I am free to be what I truly can be…
Watch me go, as I fly to be where I always wanted to be..In the sky..over the sea…

Let’s Make A Night To Remember | Romantic Love Poem


Baby, let’s get high and set this night on fire,
To wake up in each other’s arms tomorrow, my secret desire!
Let me walk you through the memories of our very first date,
Where you stole my heart and proposed me to be your soulmate:)
As we sit and watch this romantic sunset today,
I smile to myself and wonder, how an angel like you came my way :)
You’ve made my life a series of sweet moments to remember,
Where every single day has some fond memory, be it January or December;)
Now promise me my love that you’ll watch every sunset with me,
And every sunrise, as I’ll wake you up with the morning tea:)
To celebrate the happiness and togetherness of the special, “we”..
Your love is the cool breeze that soothes my heart,
And I just pray we always be together, till death do us part:(

When Our Eyes Met | Cute Love Poem

Our eyes met,
And then met our hearts.
We fell in love,
That never let us part.
You proposed me in a way that touched my soul,
The way you smiled when you looked at me, my heart you stole!
After facing all the struggles of life,
We got married and became husband and wife.
I promise to be your sunshine and brighten all your days,
So that you are happy and your lovely smile always stays.
Let’s promise to be together through all thick and thin,
Blessed by the Almighty, I am sure our love will always win!

Romance Beyond Sunset | Eternal Love Poems


As the sun goes down, romance spreads in the air above,
And the sky starts melting with the blush of our love!
The golden rays of the sun awaken my deepest dreams,
Where I wanna hold you close while the rosiness streams in.
The colors of our love paint the sky with different shades,
That makes my love deeper than any cascade.
The feeling of belonging to you gives me an eternal satisfaction,
Your love drives me so crazy, I see you in every direction.
The serenity of this settling sun fades in front of your face,
Let our souls unite now and lips engage in a unique embrace.
I wanna hold you tight and love you like never before,
Ignite the flame of passion and let the fragrance of our love restore.
This is the moment I had waited for all this while, when you’ll be mine forever, till the end of time

My Heaven Is In Your Arms | Romantic Love Poem

My Heaven Is In Your Arms

If I had to describe what joy means to me, I would say it’s falling asleep in your arms.
Where my eyes witness an aura filled with sheer bliss,
The euphoria that my heart enters is more intense than the most passionate kiss!
The way your arms caress my back is no less than an ecstacy,
It feels like I am living my wildest fantasy!
Your heart is the paradise where I always want to dwell,
Let me indulge in your love madly, come cast a spell.
Having you as my lover instills immense pride in me,
It’s an absolute delight to belong to you and become the special ‘we’.
The way you pamper me is the only treasure that I treasure,
And the honor of being loved by you is what gives me pleasure.
I have found my best friend, I have found my lover, You are my everything, my only lover!