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Read here short and crisp love phrases that bring out the beauty of love in the most incredible way. Use these sweet phrases of love and let your emotions flow freely!

Real Love !!

You are my first and last love and my real love .You re my one and only ..I give my all love to you.


Real love is not based on romance, candle light dinner and walk along the beach infact it is based on compromise,respect ,care trust.
Real love is like an 8 it never ends.
Real love stories never have endings.
Real love accepts us for who we are.
Real love does not care about model looks, body type..It only cares about whats’s inside.
Real love is unexplainable.
Real love is knowing their flaws and accepting who they are.
Real love when you can’t describe what you like about him/her.
Real love is the one that makes you a better person.

When We Met !!!!

Glad we found each other, you made my dreams romantic and you have brought love , romance and happiness in my life.I would love to spend rest of my with you and only you .’I Love You’


I knew the first time we met you’d be kinda hard to forget.
The first day we met I knew something amazing going to happen and it turned into a once in a lifetime kind of love.
We met to be together forever.,
When we met I had no idea you would be so important in my life.
I will never forget the day we met.
We met for a reason either you are a blessing or a lesson.
I have known it from the moment that we met .No doubt in my mind where you belong.
When we met ,we just blended.
We loved you before we met you.
It is by chance that we met ,by choice we became lovers

Waiting for you .

A lotus waits for the first light of the moon I am waiting for your love to fill me till the last breath of mine…


Waiting for you is the hardest thing I have ever had to do.
I hate myself for still waiting for you.
I have died everyday waiting for you
Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in drought.
I think a part of me will always be waiting for you.
I want to be the one you are waiting for not the one waiting for you.
Broken heart always crying waiting for you saying its impossible to forget you.
Waiting for someone you love is never easy.
You are amazing,unique my life is waiting for you .
I am waiting for someone who thinks I am their princess

Memories of you !!

Memories never fade as they live with us forever cherish the memories

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Memories of you are timeless treasure of my heart.
I have memories of you longer than the road that stretches out ahead.
Memories of you came and went in light of all the time we spent.
Memories of you last forever in my heart and mind.
Memories of you is very precious for me.
I love those random memories of you that make me smile no matter whats going on in my life right now.
The best memories of you are the ones that I cant explain.
I was playing back a thousand memories of you thinking about everything we have been through.
Everyday moments with you make the best memories of you.
Memories of you warm me up from inside and there are also what tear me apart

Best Relationship ..

You light up my life ..It would take a lifetime to show you how much ‘I Love You’.


Best relationship talk like best friends ,play like children ,argue like husband and wife and protect each other like brother and sister.
Best relationship is when you two act like lovers and best friends at the same time.
Best relationship start off by the friendship.
Best relationship is when someone accepts your past ,supports your present and encourages your future.
Best relationship usually begins unexpectedly.
Best relationship is in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.
Best relationship is in which you can be yourself.
Best relationship is when you can tell each other anything and everything.
The third company to best relationship is romance.
Best relationship is between you & me.

Our Happiness !!!

May our love always have enough happiness to keep us strong ,to keep us together and to spend rest of our life with each other.


Happiness is waking up in your arms.
Happiness is your happiness.
Happiness is falling asleep next to you and waking up thinking I ‘m still in dreams.
Happiness is being married to your best friend.
Happiness is perfume you cannot pour on others without getting few drops on yourself.
Happiness is you are on my side always.
Happiness is thinking about you day & night.
Happiness is caring about you.
Happiness is when what I think,what I feel and what I do are in harmony.
Happiness is you and me together.

Me without you !!

You have always been there by my side through all the moments of my life … Can’t Imagine ‘Me Without You’


Me without you is like the moon without stars.
Me without you is like Google with no results.
Me without you is like a sun that doesn’t shine.
Me without you is like Facebook with out friends.
Me without you is like a body with no life.
Me without you is like you tube without videos.
Me without you is like a life with no purpose.
Me without you is like a heart that doesn’t beat.
Me without you is like sentence without spaces.
Me without you is like moon that doesn’t glow.

Thank you for loving me !!!

When I think of you it brings smile on my face ,your thoughts make me are on my mind every moment .I dont know what would i do without you all i can say .Thanks a ton for loving me.


Thank you for loving me as I am.
Thank you for loving me despite my flaws.
Thank you for loving me and give me this beautiful life.
Thank you for loving me and making me laugh when I’had almost forgotten how to.
Thank you for loving me and taking some time to light up my life.
Thank you for loving me always.
Thank you for loving me and making me a part of your life.
Thank you for loving me ,always listening to me,supporting me and encouraging me,
Thank you for loving me and the little things you do that mean so much to me.

I miss you ….:-(

Missing that special person but don’t know how to tell them? You can find great missing you quotes and picture quotes to help you.

I am sorry

I miss you whenever we are apart I just can’t wait to see you.
I miss you I just want to squeeze you tight and never let you go.
I miss you I just wanna cover you with kisses.
I miss you please hurry back into my arms.
I miss you only on two occasions,Day & Night .
I miss you when I look at pictures of you not to remind me off but to make me feel as I am with you.
I miss you every minute of every day .
I miss you and the way you listen and care.
I miss you as soon as I wake up..
I miss you when something really good happens,because I want to share it with you

When you look at me

It is so true that the eyes are windows to one’s soul, and eye contact can bring across feelings of love and romance that no words can.

love at first sight

When you look at me my heart stops.
When you look at me with those dreaming eyes I would do anything for you.
When you look at me I look like nothing is bothering me.
When you look at me I just can’t lie.
When you look at me my heart beats faster.
When you look at me I want to be all yours.
When you look at me I feel so amazing and I could not stop myself to fell in love with you.
When you look at me I feel I am beautiful.
When you look at me it makes me crazy.
When you look at me I think I am in paradise.