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Looking for the best definitions of love? This page will help you understand the true meaning of love so that the next time someone asks you what is love, you can easily explain what love means.


Have you ever been asked to explain what love means? Do you find yourself trapped within your thoughts because you don’t find those perfect ways to word your definition of love? Relax and read this article where we offer 26 unique definitions for the word love, our ACBD of love!


Love is : Amazing.
Love is : Beautiful.
Love is : Caring for your partner unconditionally.
Love is : Daring to fight the world for the one you love.
Love is : Eternal.
Love is : Friendship.
Love is : Great..It can move mountains.
Love is : Hope.
Love is : Intense!
Love is : Just You & Me.
Love is : Kind.
Love is : Loyalty.
Love is : Magical.
Love is : Never Ending.
Love is : Oneness with your partner.
Love is : Passion!
Love is : Quaintly profound.
Love is : Romancing of the souls.
Love is : Serenity with your lover.
Love is : Timeless in expanse.
Love is : Undying devotion.
Love is : Varied in emotions.
Love is : Warm and fills you up.
Love is : X-mas all year long.
Love is : Yearning for more and more of your partner’s warmth.
Love is : Zealous in endeavors.

Meaning of Love

Love is a feeling that can be felt by the heart but can’t be explained in words. I love you so much that I just can’t control my emotions and wanna tell you what your love means to me. I would have never known the true meaning of love if you wouldn’t have come into my life. Thanks for loving me so much. Love is the most beautiful dream of my life that came alive when we met :)


Your love means everything to me!

1.If your love is a drug, I am happy being addicted to it ;)
2.Love is what I feel when you let me sleep in your lap like a small baby.
3.Love is what makes you mad..Love is what makes you an insomniac because reality becomes much more beautiful than your dreams!
4.Love is when you fight with the entire world for that special someone of your life.
5.Love is what I feel when you touch me. Love is what I see in your eyes. Love, for me, is you.
6.Love is the fuel that keeps the flame of a relationship burning forever:)
7.Love is making your partner laugh even when he/she doesn’t feel like smiling.



What is Love?

I never knew what love was until you came and touched me with it. Now, I can proudly say that I am not in love, but love is in every inch of me. I am drowning in your love. Come and save me darling.

Here are 7 different definitions of my love for you : 

Real meaning of love

In love with you forever

  • Love is like saline water…No matter how much you have, the thirst never gets quenched! 
  • Love is what I perceive when I see you and love is what I receive when I kiss you…. 
  • When you suddenly realize, you can’t live without someone, that’s what love is. 
  • Love is patient, love is kind, love is from the heart and doesn’t need the mind ;)  
  • I was smiling for no reason, than I realized I was thinking about you. That’s what love is.
  • Love is strong and that’s is why I feel strong even in my weakest moments. 
  • Love is when you look into her eyes and you find peace.