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Top Romantic Places of the World

If you have been long waiting to spend some private moments of close comfort with your partner then take a romantic vacation in an exotic location. Choose a fabulous destination that will make you fall in love all over again with your partner and also help reignite that lost passion in you love life. Getting the right destination is critical to make sure that your romantic holiday turns out into an unforgettable escapade that you will cherish for your life. Select from the below-mentioned top 10 romantic places of the world to create fantastic, love-filled memories to last for a lifetime.

Aspen, Colorado, United States

A must-visit holiday destination for lovers who want to enjoy the luxuries combined with the beauty of the natural settings. When taking a romantic break inAspen, you can also spot some notable celebrities since it is a favorite getaway of the rich and the famous. You can go for ski tours or hike in the mountains or simply enjoy the scenery to explore the treasures hidden in this romantic haven. Take a trip to the Maroon Bells, located 15 miles southwest of Aspento catch the breathtaking beauty of alpine meadows and lakes. The mix of hip dics, pubs, lounges on one side and the beautiful mountain trails, meadows, picturesque backgrounds make Aspen a perfect romantic indulgence spot for lovers. You can either sit back or relax while enjoying the natural beauty of the place or you can combine a bit of adventure by taking a camping trip, a horseback ride or a carriage ride with your partner.

Paris, France

Can one ever miss out Paris when one talks of prime romantic getaways of the world? It is a city that exudes romance at every nook and corner. Visit the well-designed public parks or chat leisurely with your partner while sipping coffee at the chic sidewalk cafs or take a tour of the popular art museums, the ubiquitous romantic atmosphere is sure to rekindle that passion in your love life again. Take a ride around the Ile de la Cite, walk hand in hand while watching the giant Eiffel Tower or check out the wares of the bouquinistes, the myriad range of interesting activities will help you discover some new facts about your partner that you may not have know till now. Take a trip to the tomb of Abelard and Heloise at Pere Lachaise Cemetary to feel the romantic essence present in the air of Paris. Wine and dine in the elegant restaurants and capture some magical moments while sightseeing in this French city to make your romantic holiday memorable.

Hawaii, United States

Lovers can find solace in the exquisite settings of Hawaii that spell splendor and romance in every corner. Stunning beaches, amazingly beautiful sunsets, mountain-cliffs, brightly-hued tropical flowers create the perfect ambience for lovers to spend some private moments amidst the natural beauty. Hawaii also tops the chart when it comes to romantic wedding venues. Celebrities and couples with the wish to have a grand and beautiful wedding come to this place for tying the knot. Married people also come in large numbers every year to relive the love-filled moments of their life while enjoying the peaceful seclusion and luxuriant atmosphere. Have a blast at a beach party of Honolulu or enjoy the sights of canyons at Kauai, the Hawaiian island promises you an unforgettable romantic holiday.

Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia

Couples looking for that perfect romantic indulgence should take a visit to Whitsundays, constituting nearly seventy-four islands. The natural beauty of the place promises to take your mind off all the tensions and make you feel like you are living in a fairytale world. Pristine-white beaches, world- famous reefs at the Great Barrier Reef and the tropical views is sure to make your partner love you more for the destination you have chosen. The old-world charm of the island boutiques and fine dining venues will brighten up your sunsets more.

Nassau, The Bahamas, Caribbean

Head to the Carribean Islands to indulge in pure romance and experience the finest in entertainment and blissful pleasures. Pink sandy beaches, sumptuous dining addresses, throbbing pubs, lounges reverberating with pulsating music give couples a taste of Caribbean lifestyle. Take your partner along when you go for water sports to strengthen your bond and walk hand in hand on the cobblestone streets while you check out the fancy Bahamian handicrafts in colorful shops. With a myriad range of activities on offer at the Nassau Paradise Island in The Bahamas, there is never a dull moment.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Gushing waterfalls, clear streams, quaint villages, pristine beaches and deep valleys make Tahitian ideal romantic getaway for couples looking to experience a lovely vacation. Being the largest island in the cluster of more than hundred islands, Tahiti boasts of a number of world-class resorts with all luxurious amenities and supreme comforts. You can relax with your partner at the pristine beaches or spend some alone time at the bungalows, overlooking the turquoise lagoon waters. Thatched-roof houses are most ideally chosen by couples to get the romantic feel of the place. You can explore the beauty of the island by taking a romantic cruise or you and your partner can pamper yourselves with a Polynesian-style spa treatment. Let romance blossom amidst the beautiful surroundings.

Santorini, Greece

Couples taking a vacation in Santorini often feel that they have come in some imaginary world. The stunning locales, peaceful villages and beautiful hills make this Greek Island one of the finest in the list of top 10 romantic destinations. Explore the beauty surrounding this place by taking an island cruise or capture the scenic sea views when holidaying with your partner in Santorini. The place promises to give your life some very magical moments that you and your partner will cherish for long. Relish some well-prepared Mediterranean delicacies at the exotic restaurants overlooking the Aegean Seaalmost 1,000 feet below and sip wine as you hear the sound of water while gazing at the face of your partner. Take your partner to Perissa and Kamari beaches to spend some quiet time or go for a swim together to enjoy the Volcanic hot springs.

Venice, Italy

No mention of romantic getaways can ever be complete with the inclusion of Venice. The ancient Italian city exudes sheer romance and pure bliss for love birds. Streaming canals, grand architecture, street-side cafes and the scenic vistas make the city a haven for couples looking to bond with their partner. The peaceful and romantic atmosphere is sure to bowl you over and make you fall in love with your partner once again. You can feel love in the air of this ancient Italian port city. Take a gondola ride along the Venice canals in the evening to mesmerize your partner with the stunning beauty and to grab that chance to win her heart. Let love words free flow smoothly from your mouth as you get inspired by the beauty surrounding you in your Venice tour. Walk around the Piazza San Marco with your partner in toe to feel the grandeur surrounding this giant square in all of Europe. If you get just too romantic influenced by the ubiquitous romantic feel of Venice, you can shout out and proclaim your undying love for your partner by standing at the top of the Rial to Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs.


Experience a slice of paradise with your partner and feel the love within your rekindle once again by visiting the Maldives. The breathtaking beauty of the 23 islands located in the midst of theIndian Oceancreates the right atmosphere to enjoy solitude and romance. Sit back and relax with your partner in the sandy beaches while you allow the fresh coastal breeze to kiss your face. Go on a cruise party to be a witness as how the island comes alive at night. For those who want to get a little adventurous while enjoying romantic holiday in Maldives can try out water sports. Take the golden chance of capturing tiny, coral atolls and surrounding reefs teeming with variety of marine species in your lenses as you swim down with your partner. Resorts at Maldives are equipped to cater to the diverse needs of discerning travelers.


As you spend a romantic holiday with your partner in Seychelles located off the coast of Africa you might feel like you have come to another world. The archipelago of sensuous beautiful islands is also known as the island of love, where romance blossoms as naturally as the waves hit the shores of the cove at night. It is the best honeymoon destination as the exotic location and stunning attractions are sure to ignite the passion and fire up your otherwise boring love life. Enjoy the rejuvenating spa therapies together with your partner to bond over spa treatments and go for fishing trips to fan the flame of love. Relaxed pace of life in combination of the pleasant tropical weather, surreal beauty of the island and the visually attractive backdrop makes Seychelles a perfect romantic haven to enjoy some tender moments of love.

New York in United States

New York never sleeps. It is a city where you would find romance in every nook and corner. New York welcomes romantic lovers throughout the year. The city has heap of activities and you would never fall short of activities here. During spring take a carriage ride in Central Park or in winter go for skating at the Rockefeller Center, there is something new for every season in this city. Visit museums, watch a theatre, go cruising or shopping or hog over fantastic gastronomical delights at posh restaurant, New York allows you to explore the place in your own way. The most popular attractions of the city are Times Square, Broadway show, SoHo, Greenwich Village, and Staten Island Ferry.

Hayman Island, Whitsundays in Queensland

What is the main attraction of this place? The answer is simple; it's the Great Barrier Reef. The beaches and a pristine sea create a beauty that looks like a fairytale painting to anyone. Laze at the sandy beaches while you take a sun bath or go swimming in the sea, there activities will always keep you engaged. Keep an eye at the horizon while the sun goes down. Whitsundays is like a paradise on earth. Thousands of tourists from all over the world are attracted to this part of the land to witness the world renowned reef. Delve into mouthwatering gastronomical delights at a post restaurant or sip over a tropical drink at the beach, the Hayman Island has more to offer.

Guangxi Province in China

Guangxi Province is located on the southern region of China. Situated on the Gulf of Tonkin, Guangxi Province is bordered by Vietnam and enjoys a lovely subtropical climate throughout the year. Rugged mountains and lush green landscapes mark a striking natural setting to spend a romantic vacation with your partner. From pagodas to colorful caves the city is dotted with numerous attractions waiting to be explored. Make sure to pay a visit to the royal complex in the capital Guilin, Longsheng rice terraces and karst peaks towards Yangshuo.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is wrapped with spectacular natural rainforests and breathtaking landscapes. The land is regarded as the most eco-friendly destination for honeymooners in the world. Romance is everywhere you look around. Your honeymoon to Costa Rica must include a visit to the romantic Butterfly Gardens and La Paz Waterfall, Irazu and Poas volcanoes, and safari to Braulio Carillo National Park. You can as well take your partner by a surprise by taking her for rafting. At Corcovado National Park you can spot big cats in numbers.