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World Most Romantic Hotels

Do you have an anniversary coming up and are you looking for a way to impress your significant other? Perhaps it is a big birthday and you really want to wow them with a rare treat.


Or maybe you are just a couple that is madly in love. No matter what the occasion at some point you are sure to want to do something really romantic for the one you love. Why not book a stay at one of the world’s most romantic hotels? Think luxurious beds, beautiful views, breakfast brought to your door, chocolates and big bubble baths for two.


That is sure to fan the flames of passion, and really be an experience that is unforgettable. Here is the list of the top 20 world’s most romantic hotels.

1. The Carlyle, New York

Is there anything more romantic than the view from the top of the empire state building or skating at Rockefeller Center? How about coming back to your own plush room at the iconic Carlyle Hotel? Book this room if you are looking for that elegant timeless feel for your romantic stay.


2. Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

Imagine waking up to fresh French pastries, stepping out on your private terrace and taking in the breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower in the morning.


3. GoldenEye Hotel, Jamaica

Don your best suit and feel like James Bond himself in the luxury hotel where the writer dreamed up the character.


4. Turtle Island, Fiji

This is tropical romance at its best. This is a very private little island, with a max of 14 couples at a time staying, who can enjoy the 14 private beaches and a blue lagoon.


5. Ashford Castle, Ireland

Take a step back in time when men were lords and women were ladies and all the amenities were lush. This is a romantic wonderland with views of the lake, the river, or just the green beauty that is Ireland.


6. Hayman Island Resort, Australia

This hotel is located on the barrier reef, and is known for having the biggest swimming pool in the country. You can even enjoy a private pool, right next to the bed!


7. Villa San Michele, Italy

This is a top pick for newlyweds as it is only minutes from beautiful Florence, Italy yet has plenty of privacy as well as lush gardens, and rooms so gorgeous and finely decorated they may just lull you into staying in.


8. La Mirage Garden Hotel, Ecuador

Imagine well-tended gardens full of flowers and free roaming peacocks and distant volcanoes. Rooms with a fireplace that are lit for you while you snuggle up in the massive king sized canopy bed. No two rooms are alike, so find the one that suits your best romantic moods.


9. InterContinental, Hong Kong

For those flashy couples that love a view, it doesn’t get better than this hotel that sits out over the Victoria Harbor and comes with 24 hour butler service.


10. Aldeia Da Cuada, Portugal

Want something quaint but dripping in romance? This is the place for you! Think lace curtains hanging in the windows, handmade blankets on the beds, and the type of hospitality many doubt still exists in the world.


11. Anantara Kihavah Villas, Maldives

It doesn’t get more romantic than a getaway on a private island, unless it is in a lush tropical paradise that has a nearby restaurant that you can dine underwater!


12. Soho House, Berlin

Fashionable couples will love the boho vibe of the Soho House. This is an iconic spot that makes you want to cuddle up with the one you love.


13. House of Jasmines, Argentina

Exquisite, stately, lush and plenty of other adjectives could be used to describe this little slice of paradise. This is a family owned business, and you can feel it in all of the little touches.


14. Centurion Palace, Venice

Think bamboo gardens, Venice canal views, and a modern design that still manages to keep its romantic charms.


15. Igloo Village, Finland

If your idea of romantic is the night outside cold, but you warm inside cuddled up with the one you love, then the igloo village may just be the romantic place for you. Real igloos are built out of snow, and the dancing northern lights overhead make the whole experience seem surreal.


16. Four Seasons, San Francisco

Picture floor to ceiling sized windows with some of the best views of California to be had. Bedrooms decked out in the best and most plush as only California can is a given.


17. Tides Riviera Maya, Mexico

Not a fan of little kids running your romantic weekend? Book a room at this adults only hotel in a real tropical rainforest and enjoy peace and quiet as well as white sand beaches, a relaxing spa and more.


18. Treehotel, Sweden

If you are nature lovers that really enjoy the romance of the forest, then book a room, a tree room that is! These imaginative rooms will had a little fun into your romantic getaway.


19. The Pierre du Calvet Hotel, Canada

This hotel was built back in 1725 and maintains all of its old world charms such as fireplaces and a wine cellar. The rooms are large and decorated in all of the lushest amenities such as Egyptian sheets.


20. Hana-Maui Hotel, Hawaii

Of course Hawaii had to be on the list . Find this hotel along one of the most beautiful scenic paths in all the islands. Here you will see bamboo and eucalyptus forests as well as waterfalls and native animals and plants. Private hot tubs, oceanfront views, and all the privacy you could ask for is what you’ll find at this romantic stop.


There you have it, some of the most romantic hotels around the whole world in one easy to scan list. There are stays for nature lovers, winter lovers, posh lovers, beach lovers and every type of couple in between. A night in any of these elegant hotels is sure to leave you in the mood for love, so book one now!