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Best Fishing Vacations in US

Gone are those days when fishing just the mode of earning livelihood for a particular section of the society. Now it has emerged as a very relaxing sport and hobby as well for people of all ages. So, if you are an avid fisherman or just love this sport to splurge your leisure, going for fishing vacations is perhaps the best way to relax for you. Fishing vacations are typically the holidays when an individual spend most of its leisure on the bank a water body or on the boats by catching fish. You will find an affluence of spectacular fishing vacations in the United States which not only provide you with plenty of fish but also some of the most beautiful panorama as well.


Though you can find exciting fishing opportunities in all part of the United States, but there are some of states which are hugely popular as fishing vacations. Some of the most notable names in this context include Minnesota, South Dakota, Alaska, Montana, Georgia and etc. You can enjoy fishing on the shore or rent a boat and enjoy catching fish all through the day. During your fishing vacations, you can also indulge in other activities such as, camping, staying in the cabins and hotels in the neighboring areas of water.


There are a range of spots and destinations which are regarded as the best for fishing holidays. Based on your preferences you can select the fishing vacation. For instance, if you are looking for fishing vacations in the Midwest, for them Michigan, Pennsylvania Wisconsin or Minnesota are the best choice, while in the west, Wyoming, Oregon, Montana, California, Utah, etc. are some of the notable places.

Let's have a look at the best fishing vacations in US.

  1. Montana

Featuring some of the best streams in the United States, Montana is a slice of paradise for those who love fishing. A good number of fishing access areas close to bridges and stream banks are maintained by the state where the anglers can enjoy the best fishing vacations. As most of the fishing vacations are also campgrounds, you can spend minimum two days in these spots to learn more about the local stream habitats. Slough Creek Drainage, Glacier National Park, Gallatin River, Lamar River Drainage, Duck Lake, Bitterroot River, Bechler River Drainage, Flathead Lake, and Madison River, etc. are some of the best fishing vacations in Montana. But before your set for fishing vacations, don't forget to pick up a fishing license and get information about the fishing regulations.

  1. Alaska

The state of Alaska is one of the most popular fishing destinations in the US. Fishing fanatics from across the world come to this beautiful state to have the best fishing experience. There are too many exciting fishing spots in Alaska. You can catch record-breaking king salmon or trophy rainbow trout in these destinations. Bristol Bay, Kenai River, Sitka, Kodiak Island, Copper River, etc. are some of the top fishing vacations in Alaska.

  1. California

If you are planning for fishing vacations, California is definitely a very good choice. Loaded with an abundance of fishing opportunities, the state is an ideal destination for those who are passionate about fishing. The most popular fishing vacations in Northern California include Lake Almanor, Clear Lake, Folsom Lake, Lake Oroville, Lake Shasta as well as Trinity Lake, Lake Berryessa, Bullards Bar Reservoir, etc. In Central California, you will find Lake Don Pedro, Lake McClure, Lake Camanche, Millerton Lake, Pine Flat Lake, The Delta, Lake Nacimiento, and New Melones Lake, while El Capitan Lake, Lake Hodges, Pyramid Lake, San Vicente Lake, Big Bear Lake, Lake Cahuilla, Lake Castaic, Lake Silverwood, Lake Skinner, Laguna Niguel Lake, Lower Otay Lake, and Lake Sutherland are some of the most popular fishing vacations in Southern California.