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Love Test

Here is a great online love test, answering all your questions on love, romance, intimacy, and togetherness. Know how your partner feels about you. Know where you stand in your relationship and see what holds ahead. Take this online love test and let the future unfold in front of your eyes.

1. Your partner is offered a new job that requires long working hours and is also stressful. But it pays twice of what he/she is earning now. Do you insist on taking it?
Yes No
2. Your sweetheart has come down with viral and you have to go out of station on an office tour and can't afford to get sick. Do you nurse him/her back to health and risk your health?
Yes No
3. You sweetheart is allergic to your pet. Do you get rid of the animal?
Yes No
4. Your spouse tells you that you'd look more attractive if you lost a few kilos. Do you:
Cut back on desserts.
Stay, but point out your spouse's a few extra inches repeatedly for weeks.

5. While going steady, you make a new friend of the opposite sex. When you begin to sense your partner's discomfort growing do you:
Dump the friend for good.
Stay friendly but make sure not to flirt.
Tense your partner and make him even more jealous.
6. Would you do something that your loves but it completely disgusts you?
Yes No
7. Would you stay with someone you loved, even though you are not attracted to him/her?
Yes No
8. You've just started dating someone and he/she thinks that you guys are going steady although you've never said anything. Is it cheating if you see someone else?
Yes No
9. Have you ever admitted to your lover that you were wrong, even though you knew you were right?
Yes No
10. Are you a lover or a fighter?
Lover Fighter

Love test is a way to find out whether or not you are in love with the right person. These tests help you get an idea about how much compatible you are with your partner. The love tests indicate whether or not you need to improve things so as to increase your compatibility ratio. Whether you are in love for the first time in your life or you have been in a long-term relationship, you may participate in tests which determine the love quotient between you and your partner.

Itís not necessary for anyone to rely totally on love tests in order to forge a long-term relationship with their partners. This means you should not break a relationship just because you find that the love test doesnít assign you a better score. However, you can do things that will help you strengthen your relationship with your partner.