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Love Talks

Welcome to our "Love Talks" section. Here you will be able to read all the exticing replies that our users gave when we asked them some amazing questions regarding love, romance and relationships.


We are very grateful to our fans who gave their precious time in answering these set of questions. 


The love talks happened on questions related to the different spheres of love. While you read on, you will be able to get some amazing love tips which were shared by our interviewees. 


So, before wasting any more time, let's get started.


Twitter Interview #1 – Sujatha Iyer 


About Sujatha : An Indian. A thinker. A mother. A writer. A cook. An incurable romantic. An experimenter. A socializer. A dreamer. A revolutionist. An idealist all the way.


Ques 1.)  Is there anything called "true love”? If yes, where & how can you find it?


If you can love truly “True Love” does exist, doesn’t it. And about how to find it, I can only quote the celebrated author Paulo Coelho "By risking failure, disappointment, disillusion, but never ceasing in you search for Love. As long as you keep looking, you will triumph in the end" These are not merely words. They are words to live by.


Ques 2.) How important is money in a relationship? Can a relationship sustain without money?


Money is a functional necessity to live in society as we know it. Relationship or no relationship, every man and woman must strive to gain financial success. A good relationship is like food and air – it sustains us. It is not contradictory to the pursuit of money.


Ques 3.)  Give 5 love tips for a successful relationship.


5 small but important tips -

  • Be Committed
  • Agree To Disagree
  • Never Take For Granted
  • If Soneone’s Special – Show It
  • If Something Bothers You – Talk It Out


Ques 4.)  3 ways to get over a breakup pr heart-break?


  • Believe that there is a beautiful life beyond. Maybe you’ll get back together, may be you won’t – but you will be happy again.
  • Spend time with family, close friends – people who genuinely care, and those who will show how much you are loved.
  • Channelize your energies into doing something that satisfies your soul – write a blog, take up a hobby, learn a language, adopt a pet. Mourn, but don’t let the sadness take over your life.


Ques 5.)  3 romantic things to make your lover feel the most special person of your life.


  • Be honest and committed – It always shows. Genuine affection and sincere appreciation makes a beloved one feel special like no other
  • Once in a while do something crazy – Plan a surprise vacation, tattoo in your partner’s name, go live on radio and leave a love message
  • Make an effort to show your partner your relationship means a lot. Everyday do one thing that shows how much you cherish the relationship.



We  sincerely thank Sujatha (@sujatha21)  for lending her precious time for this conversation, and we hope that we would have such more engaging conversations in the near future.

-Team Mydearvalentine.com-



Twitter Interview #2 – Switty


About Switty : An unapologetically loud,OTT Punju girl causing havoc in the very peaceful Assam!


Ques 1.) Which is the best love song to be dedicated to your lover ?


My Heart Will Go On -- OST Titanic


Ques 2.) 5 signs to confirm that it's love and not infatuation?


  • His name makes me smile
  • I talk to him all day but still wanna talk more
  • I cherish even the tiniest gift from him
  • In a roomful of people only he catches my eye
  • I'm willing to forgive his mistakes


Ques 3.) Top 5 love gifts (within Rs. 500) that can be given to your lover?


  • Junk jewellery
  • Chocolates
  • A tiny teddy bear
  • A cute notebook
  • A photo of us


Ques 4.) Is it essential to marry the one you love ?


Marriage definitely seals the love. So, yes.


Ques 5. What is your take on "live-in" relationship?


One should get into a live-relationship only when they are absolutely sure about their love because it is risky ground.


We  sincerely thank Switty (@lady_gabbar)  for lending her precious time for this conversation, and we hope that we would have such more engaging conversations in the near future.

-Team Mydearvalentine.com-



Twitter Interview #3 – Poet and Photographer


About Poet and Photographer : Content Specialist+Social Media Strategist : POET&PHOTOGRAPHER


Ques 1.) 5 ways of showing care for your girlfriend?


  • Love her intently.
  • Tell her that she's precious.
  • Surprise her often.
  • Fulfill her needs - physical, emotional etc.
  • Respect her!


Ques 2.) What is your opinion on "extra-marital" affairs?


It's the worst thing ever. I do not approve of it.


Ques 3.)  If a guy hits his girlfriend, what should the girl do?


Whack him on his nuts, run to safety, go to the cops immediately.


Ques 4.)  Give 3 love tips for lovers all over the world.


  • Not all 5 fingers are the same. Hence if your past relations didn't work out, doesn't matter, love still exists.
  • Don't look for your past GF/BF in your new one.
  • No two people are the same.

Ques 5.) Suggest 3 ways of ending a relationship that has lost its worth and is just being pulled and slogged unnecessarily.


  • Break ups are the most difficult and painful thing. Before ending it, ask yourself this: what were the reasons you held on the relationship- she take a break up. Is the end two-sided? However if a break up is inevitable, tell him/her privately.
  • Take the criticism, pain calmly. DO NOT fight, shout etc.
  • And at any cost try to remain friends with the partner.



We  sincerely thank Poet and Photographer (@OyeBehenDeTakke )  for lending his precious time for this conversation, and we hope that we would have such more engaging conversations in the near future.

-Team Mydearvalentine.com-