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True Love Stories

Love stories are a part of each of our lives. Some, we tend to forget, while others are fresh in our mind. Every love story is unique in its own way. A true love story may become a legend in no time. Love stories are not meant to happen but they happen. This unique feeling has the strength to fight all battles, cross all hurdles and make sacrifices that create history.
Several love tales make rounds, but few are hard to miss.

Cleopatra and Mark Anthony

You must have heard about couples who were madly in love but could never meet. Yes! We are talking about the legendary story of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra where the last Pharaoh of Egypt marries the Roman general. This resulted to a war. During the war, Anthony came to know about Cleopatra’s death, which was not true. The news broke his heart and he fell on his sword and killed himself. On knowing about her beloved’s death, Cleopatra takes her life consuming poison.

Salim and Anarkali

Another famous love story that stands as an example of honest love is that of Salim and Anarkali. Salim was the son of Mughal Emperor Akbar. He was a brat since childhood and a pampered child. This flamboyant prince fell in love with a beautiful maiden, Anarkali. Her beauty was rare to be found and her charm had magical effect on the young prince. They were deeply in love with each other but this was not what the Emperor wanted. He could not stand his son’s relation with a simple courtesan. He devised several plans to separate the two lovers, threaten Anarkali and bribe her but failed. In his last attempt, he sent the Prince to fight a battle and took his absence as the chance to entomb the beautiful courtesan alive in a brick wall. This is a true and tragic love story that still brings tears to eyes.

Pyramus and Thisbe

Another famous and true legendary love story is that of Pyramus and Thisbe of Babylonia. The story belongs to 331 BC. Pyramus and Thisbe were the most handsome couple in Babylonia. They were childhood friends and lovers. Just like other lovers, they too wished to get married and stay with each other but their parents would not agree to it. After repeated denials they decided to flee and get married. They were to meet at the nearby fields. Thisbe was the first to reach the fields. On reaching, she spotted a lion with a bloody mouth near the spring. She was scared and ran away. By mistake she dropped her veil, which was picked up by the lion in his bloody jaws. Pyramus reached the field at that moment and saw the lion carrying Thisbe’s veil in his bloody jaws. He thought that she was dead and killed himself with the sword he was carrying. Thisbe reached the spot only to find the corpse of her beloved. Like a true partner for life and death, she takes the blood smeared sword and kills herself.

Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson

Legendary stories like the ones above always touch our heart. There are others, which inspires us. History talks about such tales associated with well known couples. One such tale is that of Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson. Love made Prince Edward denounce wealth and power and marry an American woman, Wallis Simpson. Edward was the King of England in the year 1936. He left the power soon to marry the American lady he loved. The King passed away in the year 1972 leaving behind his lady love to survive for 14 more years.

Frank Butler and Annie Oakley

Another true love story is that of Annie Oakley and Frank Butler . Two skilled rifle shooters met each other, challenged and lost their hearts to each other. Butler lost the game to Annie Oakley in the shooting competition in 1881. Post the match, Annie started courting Frank and got married soon. The devoted lover, Frank Butler abandoned his own career to look after Annie’s . The year 1926 saw the sad demise of Annie. This was followed by the death of her beloved husband who died within 18 days.

Robert and Elizabeth Browning

An example for true love was also set by famous poets Robert and Elizabeth Browning. Elizabeth and Robert were madly in love with each other. Family acceptance was a problem yet again as Elizabeth had severe health conditions. She also suffered from insecurities and fears that were results of past broken relationship and family issues. Robert had to wait for long before Elizabeth finally accepted his love and tie the knot. She gave birth to a son and led a blissful marital life with Robert Browning.

Alexandra Federovna and Czar Nicholas II

History is witness to the love story of another couple Alexandra Federovna and Czar Nicholas II of Russia. The Czar of Russia lost his heart to the Alexandra; the German princess. The families of these two lovers did not support their marriage but could not separate them. They had a happy family life until this royal family of Russia was taken as captives by Bolsheviks. Nicholas and Alexandra were executed together.

Many more true love stories are heard from our elders. Some of the famous ones are made into movies while others are penned down in novels. It is always exciting to know about such lovers who gave birth to such tales.

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