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Tragic Love Story

Human beings can express what they want. This helps them convey their feelings, especially love to someone special. With a heart that beats strongly for someone, love is too small a word to define the feeling that has no boundaries. Stories happen when one knows this feeling. While some love stories are blessed to live by the Almighty, others are destined to immortality. No matter what, such tales are made in heaven and reborn on planet earth.

Tragic love stories such as those of Romeo and Juliet, Lancelot and Guinevere, Orpheus and Eurydice and Mark Anthony and Cleopatra are world famous. We have grown up to these tales and still live to those that are made into movies. No matter how old these stories are, they still make us sad for the lovers who were not destined to meet. Such epic love stories can be found in form of books. You will be engrossed while reading them and feel the pain that they went through. Many of the tragic love tales are made into historical plays.

Modern day tragic love stories too are not far behind with their emotional endings. Some of such tales are made into movies such as the tragic love story of Peter Parker; the Spiderman and Gwen Stacy. Suffering in the hands of destiny, Peter never gets his beloved Gwen, but what makes matters worse is her death. How can we forget the tragic tale in Titanic. The love story ended in a tragedy with Rose DeWitt Bukater losing her beloved Jack Dawson. There are many more of such modern day stories, which are known for their tragic endings. A lover may lose his/her beloved to the twists and turns of fate, but love thus conceived is immortal.

A tragedy by fate:

Several love stories may suffer a sad ending but tragedy strikes only few. One such story is that of a young girl named Maria. She was the only daughter in the family. At a tender age she lost her father in an accident. She had always been her daddy’s girl until the unfortunate incident at the age of 14. Her father was a businessman and had left a business set up to be taken care of. But she was too young to know anything about business. Fortunately, she had her cousin’s friend who knew a lot about business and volunteered to work for the company. The love story begins here.

John as he was called by all was an intelligent guy. He was a meritorious student though lacked financial support from his family. His family had shifted from the countryside to the town recently and was struggling to manage their expenses in the city. John and Maria were quite fond of each other. He cared for her needs and loved her from heart and soul. Maria on the other hand had found her support in John that she had lost after losing her father. She loved him more than she had ever imagined loving anyone else. John made her finish school and start college while he strengthened the business with every passing day. He taught her the lessons and helped her with the tasks. Maria too learnt about her father’s business as John always said that “If I am gone, you will have to handle it yourself”, hearing which she got angry. The thought of losing John was too painful for her to bear.

Both were shadows to each other. They were happy to be in love. Maria’s mother saw the love growing and decided to announce their marriage. They got engaged to each other in a private ceremony. Everybody was waiting for their wedding to take place when misfortune struck. Two days before the wedding, there was an urgent assignment. The assignment was to be picked up by the manager who failed to appear on the day. Being the acting head, John himself offered to go and receive it personally. He drove fast to the place so that he could return on time for the bachelor’s party at his place.

While driving on the highway, his car was run over by a speeding semi trailer. The sad news reached the lady when she was in her prayer room. Her whole world collapsed. The man she loved so dearly and was getting married to was dead just like her father. The love story that had matured over the years now lay in graves of John. Now, she remembered everything that he had said. The thought that made her tremble had come true. She had lost her beloved in the same way that she had lost her father. His love was all she was left with. A love that was immortal.

Love is the best thing that can happen to you. Tragedy can strike this lovely thing brutally. Be it real life or classical love stories, the pain of a tragic love story is sure to touch anyone who reads or hears it.

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