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Romantic Love Stories to tell your Boyfriend

Romance is one of the essential ingredients of a successful love relationship. Romantic stories are a great material, where you will find innumerable ideas on love and romance. Their passionate words have the power to create magic in any relation. So, when it comes to wooing him, there are innumerable romantic stories to tell your boyfriend. Lovers since years have been reading love stories to know more about romance. These books are the great teachings of love. You will find a lot of love ideas in these timeless sagas of romance and love.

Love stories are nothing, but the great lessons on love. These impassionate tales take inspirations from the unusual experiences of some extraordinary people. History will always remember them for their great contribution to literary world.These are some of the romantic stories that can always be used as gifts for him.

Top Romantic Stories to tell your Boyfriend

  1. Abelard and Heloise: This love story is one of the timeless stories heard so far. Abelard was sent to study in the school of Notre Dame. Heloise's uncle Fulbert was in search of a scholar to teach her. He came in contact with Abelard. Soon, Abelard and Heloise felt in love with each other and secretly married. Fulbert got furious about the whole incident and he sent Heloise to a convent. Abelard in great despair became a monk and Heloise in her later life became a nun. But, this couple always remained in love. Their love letters are still famous as a great literary material.
  2. Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson: The great pair who stood against all odds and went ahead in making history. Edward despite of being a prince fell in love with an American married woman Wallis Simpson. There was great protest from family, but he never turned back. He even turned away the throne and went ahead in marrying the lady he loved so much.
  3. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert: Victoria has always been a happy going girl. She took the responsibility of handling the British empire at a very early age. She married Albert and they loved each other very much. Everything was going smooth, until one day Albert dies. This was a major setback for Victoria. She received a huge shock. For nearly 40 years, she mourned her husband's death and wore the black veil until her last breath.
  4. Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne: Known as the theatre couple, this pair shared a great fame in theater industry. In 1922, they got married and for the next 55 years, they gave great hits. In 1968, The Globe Theater in New York got a new name Lunt-Fontanne Theater. This pair won the Emmy Awards in 1965.
  5. Mumtaz Mahal and Shahjahan: Known as the ideal for lovers, Shahjahan is a great inspiration for men in love. Taj Mahal in India is a real example of a monument of love. Shahjahan was the emperor of India when he married Mumtaz. They loved each other very much. It was after the sudden death of Mumtaz that Shahjahan decided to build a great monument in her fond remembrance. Till today, this couple shares a great admiration from lovers throughout the world.
  6. Cleopatra and Antony: One of the mind-boggling and real-life love stories you have heard so far! Cleopatra and Antony fell in love with each other the moment they shared the first sight. Egypt became a strong power because of their strong efforts. This couple cared for nothing and got married. People say that during a war against Romans, Antony got a false news of Cleopatra's death and he fell over his own sword. He died on the spot. After hearing this shocking news, Cleopatra even dies. A remarkable story to move his senses!
  7. Helen of Troy and Trojan: An amazing love story told so many times! Helen of Troy was one of the most beautiful ladies of that time. Initially, she was married to the king of Sparta, Menelaus. There was another person named as Paris who fell in love with Helen. He used all tricks to abduct her lady. But, Menelaus brought back his wife and she lived happily ever after with her husband.

  8. Francesca and Paolo: "Divine Comedy" is great literary work based on the true love story of Paolo and Francesca. Francesco is originally married to Paolo's brother. But, both of them started having great feelings for each other after reading a book. Sadly, they were killed by Paolo's brother after he came to know about their relation.

To sum up, romantic stories to tell your boyfriend are a great idea to make him believe in the power of love. These immortal creations will always remain the guide to help in many distressing moments.