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Teen Love Story

Love is timeless. Love is a surprise. If the bug bites you at a tender age, there is nothing better. You have so much to deal with as you grow that often the sweetness of new found relationship wanes off. School or college days love stories are not only cute but famous too. These make rounds like fables. Teen love story is a part of almost every teen’s life. No matter when you had the experience or how good or bad it was, the love bug must have bit you hard. Some of our stories may seem stupid and childlike but no matter what, these are precious and are a part of our memory.

Hopelessly in Love

Love knows no age, no time. The bug may bite you when you are least expecting it to. It is the strangest feeling on earth, which cannot be explained in words. When you are in love, the usual becomes unusual. Everything seems like a dream. This is what Peter felt when he saw Myra. She walked into the college in a pink halter top and blue denim short skirt with matching stilettos. Her ear rings and make up matched too. He watched her till she settled down in the classroom, in the next row. To us she was introduced as the new girl in science combination. Science? And She? Well, the lady was too perfect for the formulas and chemical combinations. While we were busy thinking what she might lack, Peter was mesmerized by her beauty. He seemed too lost to be recovered. Love at first sight was the case with this 17 year old guy known for his good looks and intelligence. Peter was quite popular in the college, though he was shy.

He just couldn’t talk to a lady. Myra on the other hand had grabbed attention with her talks, chirps and chatter. They met through our common friend Lisa, but it was a total disaster. Peter loved Myra but Myra showed no interest. Peter waited outside Myra’s house till she came out every day for her college. But he hid behind the trees before she could spot him there. He wrote her mails but never sent them. He bought cards for her but could never give it. This went on for about a year until the prom night. Peter knew that he would not have a partner as he was too shy to ask Myra out. Something surprising was in store for him and he had no idea about it.

A day before the prom night there was a knock at the door. It was answered by Peter’s mother who seemed amused on receiving a parcel for her son. On opening the parcel, he finds a brand new prom suit. He thought someone was mistaken but it was addressed to him with a note that said “Meet me at the prom at 8pm”. He immediately called all of his friends including me to find out if this was some sort of a prank. We too knew nothing of it. Next day, the prom was to be held at the college party hall. We assembled at the prom party wearing our best suits and with are lady in arm.

All of us were curious about Peter and almost forgot Myra. She turned out to be a total surprise. As Peter entered the room wearing the same prom suit that he received a night before, there was a grand announcement. He was escorted by ladies to the centre where Myra was waiting for him. In the most romantic way the lady proposed love to this intelligent boy who was speechless. She told him that she knew that he would wait for her to come out of her house everyday. She would also follow him to the card shops where he bought pretty cards for her and never gave her. He could not believe his ears and had a nervous smile.

What she didn’t know was the emails he wrote and did not send. We added it to her knowledge and saw that twinkle in her eyes she had when she was introduced to Peter for the first time. The secret that she revealed this evening was the best that we have ever heard of. The affair of the love birds continued for years after which they became man and wife.

Just like Peter and Myra you must be having a story of your teenage days. You must have seen the puppy-love of your friend or must have been sick with love during your school days. Some memories are too precious to part with. You will love to recall some of the teen love stories, which brings a smile on your face. Some of these stories may have happy endings while others may end up in sad note. No matter what they are always interesting to hear.

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