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Sad Love Stories

Love stories are made in heaven. Many of these are lucky to survive the tests of time, while others don’t survive the harsh lashes. Fate plays a major role in all of these. Love fights back, tears roll down the cheeks and hearts are hurt. Time and again lovers are tested. Sad love stories of some of these strugglers that are worth reading about. Love is the most precious thing that can happen to someone. Losing this precious thing is indeed the most painful thing.

Untold Sad Love Stories

There is no control on one’s heart when it comes to this strange feeling. You may be denying love for long but when the bug bites you, there can be no denying. What fate it meets must be the concern. Once again one rarely has any control over one’s fate. But do lovers stop trying? No, they put all their efforts and try hard to make their love story a success. You can read some of the sad love stories given below:

Hear It Out

Stella was the only child of a millionaire. She was quite pampered at home. Anything that she desired was made available to her. She studied in the best school and the best college. She was a great athlete and was a champion in lawn tennis. The only problem she had was that she was deaf and dumb. During her college days, she met a guy. Sam, as he was called was a meritorious student. He loved the beauty of his lady love and her simplicity. After getting the top position in a multi-national company, Sam proposed marriage to Stella. Her parents were more than happy to bless the couple and help them settle down together. They get married and settle in a lovely house. They live happily until problems begin. With each passing day Sam gets irritated with the disability that Stella has. As she could not hear, she often committed mistakes that were now seen as major blunders. The problems were mounting day by day until one day Sam sent a divorce notice to her. She was heart broken. Stella left the house and went back to her parents. They too were sad as they could do nothing about the present state. The only solution they could think of was to send her to a different country and get her trained with the sport she loved to play. After numerous persuasions, she agreed. Sam on the other hand felt that he was wrong but didn’t have the guts to accept. The day arrived when Stella had to leave for her training to some other nation. She waited with broken hopes for Sam to come back but there was no trace of him. She glanced outside the airport door but still no trace of him. She resigned to her fate and left with a heavy heart. Sam rushed to the airport to say that he was sorry and would want Stella back. But it was too late. She had left forever.

Lonely Life

Destiny has a big role to play when it comes to love. As the story unfolds, you will get to know how. Annie lived in a small town. She earned her living as she stayed alone. She had lost her parents when she was young and her only brother had left the house and gone after growing up. Life was sad till she met Harry. He was a happy go lucky guy always up to some mischief. Harry loved the sad eyes of Annie and knew that she would be the perfect mate to live a life with. They became friends and got along well. Harry was from an average family background and had no worries as such. They both fell in love with each other and decided to get married. Harry got a job for himself so as to support their life. Everything was fine. His family had given their consent too. Fate however, had different plans. Annie and Harry decided to shop for their wedding that was just 3 days away. While they were returning with the bridal gown and the suit, they were run down by a speeding truck driven by a drunken driver. Harry died then and there while Annie survived with an amputate limb. Fate separated them and poor Annie was left alone all over again until she took her life within 3 months of the fatal accident.

Love can hurt when it’s gone. It pricks hard when your beloved’s with someone else and not with you. Several heartbreaks are due to the reason that we have chosen to trust a wrong person. But is that under our control? Not always. Heart just wants to believe a few things and you would not for anyone else in your life. Sad love stories are a reality of many lovers who love, believe and love to believe.

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