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Romantic Love Story

Love is the strangest thing that can happen to someone. It’s like the sickness that you will love to have. Love sick people are too glad to flaunt their state. And why not, it’s the best thing that can happen to someone. There are no criteria no requirements. If you have a young heart, you may fall in love. So, why not make a wish to the cupid and ask him to aim an arrow at you and at the special person who’ll help you have a romantic love story of your own.

The Strange Love Story

It was a pleasant summer afternoon. Della was speeding her bicycle to reach home after tuitions and we all knew why. Yes! She was in love at a tender age of 14 years. A student of 8th and younger of the two daughters in the house, Della was a pampered child. John was his name. He was a senior who visited Della’s neighborhood playground everyday for a baseball game.

This was Della’s only chance to catch a glimpse of her prince charming. John knew nothing about Della and hardly paid a glance to the window opposite the field where Della stood and watched him fondly. She would dote on John and he had no clue about it. Days passed, months flew and Della couldn’t express her love to the man of her life. One day John stopped visiting the field. Della got anxious and wanted to find out where was he.

But she didn’t know how to. She took help of her neighbor who also played in the same field and was a friend to John. He informed that some of his friends had shifted to a different city and John was one of them. Della was heartbroken. She insisted her family to send her to the same city for higher education without telling the real reason. After innumerable persuasions too her wish did not come true. She resigned to her fate thinking that she will have to forget John. Fate however, had different plans. Della and her family shifted to a bigger city. She continued with her studies but could stop thinking about John. Four years had passed and meeting the love of her life was just a dream.

Della joined the university and made friends but she couldn’t deny the emptiness within her that often screamed aloud when she was alone. Della somehow couldn’t lose the hope to meet John again and this time, tell him how she felt. One day her neighbor called her telling that he was in the city and was staying at a friend’s place. He said that he was staying at John’s place, who worked in the same city.

Four years of wait and now there was John all over again in the same city, tickling the hopes, watering the dried soul that craved for one glance of him. Just one! Della was too excited to plan how to make John know about her feelings or rather take the first step of taking his number. This is where friends help. They urged her to make an excuse and get John’s contact number. After several attempts this was done. As days passed, Della would just stare at the contact number but never call him.

Her friends had to now make this love struck lady to call him. They asked her to send him a text message by mistake. The mistake was a deliberate one though, it worked wonders. John responded to it and this is how Della started talking to the love of her life. She met him after a year. John had fallen in love with her too not knowing the fact that she had waited long for this dream to come true. After a brief courtship they got married to each other. Della’s wait was worth the effort. Her love had the magic, which enchanted John too.

Other romantic love stories

If you are longing to read some great stories on love and romance, you can pick up books by well known authors such as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Cecelia Ahern’s P.S I Love You, Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the wind, Erich Segal’s Love Story and Jane Austen’s Pride and prejudice. If you are a true romantic by heart and would love to read sweet romantic love stories, you can also go for the Mills & Boons books. Each story has something unique. They also have the usual problems faced by lovers in making their love story a success.

Love has the power to bear all pains and fight all hurdles. It’s the contest of life worth fighting for. It’s a habit you will always be proud of.

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