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Pygmalion And Galatea

Pygmalion and Galatea are found in Greek Mythology. Their love was so unique that it is difficult to define it. But from this legendary love story, one thing is clear, man can never love an inanimate object with as much passion as he loves a living, breathing being.

Love gives rise to desire and the without this passion any love remains unfulfilled.Pygmalion was a sculptor who without abhorrence to woman's faults decided never to marry. He had sculpted a beautiful ivory statue which was so lifelike that it was difficult to believe that it was lifeless at the first glance. The beauty was such that no living woman could compete with it.

Pygmalion spent hours admiring his creation. He adorned it with jewels and by and by his admiration turned to love. But what will be the consequence of falling in love with a lifeless ivory maiden?

When the festivities of Aphrodite started, Pygmalion took part in the ceremonies and prayed for a wife like his ivory virgin statue. He dared not utter "my ivory virgin". But Goddess Aphrodite understood what the poor man was trying to say. Galatea came to life and the union produced a son named Paphos.

The unusual love that blossomed between Pygmalion and Galatea enthralls all. Falling in love with one's creation and then getting the desired object as wife-perhaps this was destined for Pygmalion.

Even to this day, countless people and young lovers are mesmerized by this exceptional love that existed between two persons at a time when civilization was in its infancy.

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