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Prince Charles And Princess Diana

The fairytale romance and marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana had kept millions enthralled for years. It was the wedding of the century where all the trappings of fairytale wedding were present. There was an enchantingly beautiful and blushing bride, her distinctive groom who breathed royalty and sophistication and lavish display of power and wealth. Prince Charles is the heir to the English throne, being the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip.

His investiture tool place on first July, 1969 in what was a gorgeous ceremony. The investiture was held at Caernarfon Castle situated in North Wales. Prince Charles always had an eye on pretty women, from his youth he has been in and out of several relationships. The British royal family is constantly under media glare and so such "indiscretions" were rigorously scrutinized.

He had dated Lady Jane Wellesley, Davina Sheffield, Fiona Watson, Susan George, Lady Sarah Spencer (elder sister of his first wife), Lady Tyron. He was required to marry a virginal Protestant, adhering to the Church of England. It was his present wife, Camilla Shand, who had a great influence in his deciding to marry Lady Diana Spencer. The world was and always will be enamored by the charm and beauty of the late Princess. She came from a distinguished and privileged family being the youngest daughter of Edward Spencer,Viscount Althorp and Frances Spencer. Diana's ancestry is all smeared in royal blood. She was descended from King Charles II and King James II, all through illegitimate sons and daughters. Lady Diana a below average student was educated at Riddlesworth Hall which was an all girls school in Norfolk and then briefly attended an expensive finishing school in Rougemont, Switzerland. It was here that she got a glimpse of her future husband who was dating her elder sister. However there were two areas where Diana excelled, one was singing, the other was sports.

Her marriage to Prince Charles was somehow destined. Her family was always in the inner royal circle, and her maternal grandmother, Lady Fermoy was friends with the Queen Mother. Prince Charles was in his thirties and there was pressure on him to take a bride. Once selected to be the future consort of the heir apparent, there was a little more than four months waiting to be endured. The engagement took place in February and Prince Charles and Princess Diana became man and wife in July, 1981. From 1659, no heir apparent had married an English woman. Lady Anne Hyde, the wife of Duke of York and Albany, was the last English woman who married an heir apparent. It is another matter that the marriage of Diana and Charles ended in bitterness and tragedy. To know more on this royal romance, please visit My Dear Valentine.

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