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Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise

Romance on full throttle, is the term that one can associate with the Hollywood beauty Penelope Cruz and all time heartthrob and super star Tom Cruise. Mydearvalentine offers detailed information about the celebrity romance between Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise.

This gorgeous couple met on the set of the movie "Vanilla Sky" in 2000 and eventually started dating each other in 2001. By that time Tom's decade long marriage with the Academy Award winner actress Nicole Kidman was already on the rocks and probably his intimacy with his new found love Penelope drilled the last nail in the coffin and they got divorced eventually.

For Tom, 41, (twice married before) this was his third relationship with Penelope Cruz, 29 and they dated for 3 years. During their 3 years of dating they were mostly spending time separated from each other as their shooting schedules clashed. When Tom Cruise was in the sets of "Mission Impossible", Penelope was elsewhere shooting for the movie "Sahara".

Their relation mostly flourished in separation which was probably going no where and thus after 3 years in 2004 they decided to call it quits and part ways with each other. They took this break up gracefully enough and have remained friends till now. They are still very much on talking terms with each other.

Anyhow despite their amicable terms with each other, Penelope has denied any claims of her ex-boyfriend Tom helping to bring up her career in the big screen and she clearly voiced against Tom's repute or his influence upholding her career. Penelope as of now is dating Matthew McConaughey and Tom on the other hand recently got married to Katie Holmes and is on the path to make a fresh beginning.

Before Penelope, Tom was married to Nicole Kidman and to Mimi Rodgers whom he divorced to marry Nicole and now he is married to Katie Holmes. For Penelope this was her first serious involvement with Tom. After they broke up, she got associated with Matthew McConaughey and her name was also rumored with the Academy winner Adrien Brody who co-starred her in "Manolete". Few of the well acclaimed movies of Penelope are "Passion India", "The Good Night", "Manolete", "Sahara", "Noel", "Head in the Clouds", "Gothika", "Vanilla Sky", "Woman On Top" etc. and the most well known movies starring Tom Cruise are, "Endless Love", "Few Good Men", "The Outsiders", "Losin' It", "Risky Business", "Legend", "Top Gun", "Cocktail", "Rain Man" etc.

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