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Myanmar Love Story

Given here is detailed account of a Myanmar Love Story. The name of the story is Four Puppets and this story has been told by Aaron Shepherd. Aung, the son of a puppet maker, one day decided to leave home. Aung's father gave his son four puppets as Aung's companions in his journey.

The first puppet was the king of Gods and the "god's virtue is wisdom.", the second puppet was a green-faced ogre and the "ogre's virtue is strength.", the third was a mystic sorcerer and the "sorcerer's virtue is knowledge" and the fourth was a holy hermit and the hermit;'s virtue is goodness.

As Aung continues with his journey, he saw a caravan that was filled with costly goods. Aung then wanted to know from the second puppet, that how he would be able to gain richess. The second puppet replied that if Aung has strength, then he would be able to gain richess.

Then the puppet stamped his foot on the ground, and the ground shook, and as a result the cart drivers jumped of their carts. Aung then ran towards the caravan and felt happy about the fact, that he will now be the owner of all the costly goods.

At that very place Aung, saw Mala, a young woman. Mala is on her way to meet her father. Aung tried to help her, but she refused and called Aung a thief. Mala then decided to go with Aung. Not being able to decide, as to what to do with the richess, Aung asked the third puppet, the, sorcerer.

The sorcerer advised Aung to keep the wealth with himself. Aung with Mala and the four puppets arrived at the capital city. Aung became a rich merchant and bought a palace for Mala and also gave Mala a precious gift, but Mala refused. One day Mala ran away from the palace. Aung then asked the, fourth puppet, the hermit, for advice. The puppet told him that Aung gave more importance to wealth than love, wisdom and goodness. From that day Aung started to spend his wealth for good reasons. Aung build a holy pagoda and offered food to those people who made a visit to the shrine.

At the shrine, one day Aung saw, Mala with her father. Aung asked Mala's father for forgiveness, as the goods that Aung had stolen earlier belonged to Mala's father. Mala's father forgave Aung and they all decided to live together in the palace. Aung became the assistant of Mala's father and later got married to Mala.

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