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Love at First Sight Stories

We all have interesting love at first stories to share. There is something so beautiful about this moment. No matter happens to us in the later course of life we never forget about these special dreamy moments. Love is ignited from the very first moment we get to see that Mr. or Miss Perfect of our life.

My story began at a coffee shop. We had been there in a large group for some informal business meet. Suddenly I saw him walk down. He looked handsome in gray trouser, white shirt and his laptop bag. We exchanged glances for a few seconds and I found my heart beating faster. He sat opposite to me and I couldn't stop giving him secret glances.

The meeting went well and I kept looking for an opportunity to go up to him and talk. Right before we dispersed, he came to me himself and gave me his business card. There he had his personal cell number, mail ids, and social networking details. As I looked up he flashed a broad smile and left. I was blushing as my heart nearly choked.

The next couple of days were hectic at my end. I did not have the time to call or add him to my networks. But all the time I would think of him, would miss him. And then one morning as my fingers ran through the keyboard while making a presentation for the client, my phone rang. His name flashed on the screen and my heart stopped beating. With trembling hands I took the call. He asked me out for coffee. In the next couple of hours we sat at a cozy corner of a coffee shop talking and sipping over some fuming cuppa coffee. The brewing smell added to the romantic mood the perfect flavor of love.

The rest has become history now. We meet often and share our thoughts. I can't stop loving him any less since the first glance of his.

There are plenty such stories that you might be dying to share with the world. One of the best ways to share your thoughts is through blogging sites. It's very easy to create a profile there and keep a record of your daily musings.

Falling in love for the first time is always very special. And we all end up having very unique stories of love at first sight all different from each other. Sharing your romantic stories would give a lot of happiness.

The inspiration and peace of mind you draw from that person is a thing to be shared with the world. When that first exchange of glance makes you fall weak on your knees, you know you are in love. This feeling cannot be expressed scientifically. It's the spiritual lift of human emotion. You let go of everything you own and step into the mode of peace of mind. There is nothing in this world you feel attached to. And there is nothing in this world that can detach yourself from being in love.