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Korean Love Story

The world is full of love stories that talks about the how two loving hearts achieve their targets after overcoming several obstacles. Love stories have many moods. Some of these stories have happy ending when some describe the yearning of loving hearts, which couldn’t get united. With the Valentine’s Day approaching we all feel the craving to find that someone special in our life. The searches for love stories also go up with the approach of Valentine’s Day.

The English literature is full of love stories and we hardly feel the need to look beyond its realm to read the love stories of other countries. But beyond the geographical boundaries of our countries many great love stories are also told in different parts of the world. One such country is Korea. Korean love stories have dealt with the many moods of this human feeling and therefore are rich in realizations. Korean love stories can help you understand your romantic relations better. These can help you analyze and appreciate the contribution of your partner in making your life complete.

Following are synopsis of some Korean love movies which will not fail to touch your heart.

Romance is a great love story which is also told in a very interesting way. It is a story of true loving people who are trapped in their respective situations and couldn’t get united.

The storyline goes as- Yoon-hee is trapped in her marriage. She wanted to get rid of her husband’s obsessions and frantic love. She was not even allowed to breathe freely. In her desperation she tried to kill herself but her effort didn’t succeed as she was saved by Hyung-jun.

Detective Hyung-jun is a quite man who readily understood the desperation of Yoon-hee .But he asked her nothing. However, Yoon-hee fell in love with him the moment she sets her eyes upon him. She took the pain to find out about Hyung-jun. On the other hand Hyung-jun also falls in love with Yoon-hee. It was a love at first sight. But at the same time he also knew that he can’t rescue Yoon-hee from her miserable life. So, he lets go of her.

The movie narrates about passion and despair in love. Hence, it can easily fit into your Valentine’s Day wish list.

The Scarlet Letter
This Valentine’s Day you can experience heightened drama by visiting the darker side of human nature- the side that is ruled by lust, greed and power. The Korean love story- The Scarlet Letter explores the darker side of human mind.

The Scarlet Letter is a story about Ki-hoon a rugged looking police detective. Although he is married he doesn’t mind romantic escapades at the same time. His desires for erotic adventures drew him towards Ka-hee, a night club singer and friend of his wife. However, the desire of a man, who knows no limit for lust and passion having two women in life wasn’t enough and as if quite naturally Ki-hoon found himself drawn towards Kyung-hee, a murder suspect who is suspected of killing her husband.

It is a gripping tale of whether Ki-hoon will be able to overcome his limitations to perform his duties.

Everybody has Secrets
Everybody has Secrets is a romantic comedy that tells about passion and sex. If you are in mood for a light movie date on Valentine’s Day, this can make a good inclusion in your list.

This is a film of sex and secrecy and the constant fear of being revealed. The film features Korean idol Lee Byung-Hun. In Everybody has Secrets he ends up sleeping with a sister trio. Their relationships have changed the lives of all of them which can put forth the question whether change is always desirable or not.

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