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Cute Kissing Stories

Kiss - the doorway of love, is a magical moment to show your love, care, and affection for someone you love. Kisses are always special for lovers.

Whether it is the first kiss or best kiss, kisses are always encapsulated within romantic stories. Kissing stories have special significance to the lovers, as they share intimate and passionate moments in the kisses.

Given below are some popular kissing stories:

  1. First kissing story: It is the first kissing story of Jade and Zack. It was their graduation day, when they first kissed each other. Even though, they had grown soft corners for each other for the last two years, but they never expressed it. Finally, he asked Jade for a walk. They kept on waking but none of them would say a single word.

    Suddenly, a bunch of cyclers appeared on the picture, which make Jade and Zack come closer, only to save themselves. While holding her hands, Zack said, "You know, I think it's time to say it." And then he kissed jade and proposed her. That was so romantic. They still remember the story and cherish it as an unforgettable moment for their love story.

  2. Cute Kissing Stories

  3. Unusual kissing story: It is an unusual kissing story. Simi's first crush was her school's soccer team captain. She had been in love with him, since she was 15 and he was 16. He was so popular in school, that Simi used to feel hesitated to talk with him. During the sports day, her school soccer team defeated the visitor's team. Everyone around was very happy, and the captain seemed to be the happiest among them all.

    Simi thought it would be a good opportunity to talk with him. She went to congratulate him for the victory. When she stepped inside the common room, she found him surrounded by his fans. She still acted brave by coming closer to him. And suddenly she realized that she was armed by the captain himself, who kissed her out of excitement and happiness. Well, that was their first kiss. When he realized that, he had kissed a girl without her consent; he apologized and kept on apologizing until she agreed for a cup of coffee. That was the beginning of their love story.

  4. An intriguing Eskimo kissing story: Lolita and Austen are in a long-distance relationship. Last year, Austen planned for a surprise visit on Lolita's birthday. She knew about every details of the party, except for the surprise visit. The birthday party was in full bloom, but she was missing her boyfriend a lot. Suddenly the power went off and the entire party floor was surrounded by darkness.

    Lolita was trying to figure it out what has happened and she moved away. That was not at all planned. Her boyfriend came and kissed her best friend, instead of her, as planned previously. When lights came back, Lolita discovered him, locking lips with her best friend. Naturally, she was not at all happy. Understanding the situation, Austen tried to explain the situation. But when all efforts were in vain, he tried their famous 'Eskimo kissing'. And guess what, Lolita was instantly melted.

These are some of the kissing stories, which are being shared online. You also can share your special moments with all through these websites. There are a number of websites, where you can find best kissing stories of celebrities.

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