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Inspirational Love Stories

Love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to anyone. Love has the ability to make the world turn beautiful. It can make you feel special and precious. Lucky is the person who is loved but luckier is the one who loves. However, love can have some dark sides too. When you are single or going through a phase of heartbreak, you tend to lose hope in love. But that is a wrong approach and losing faith in love isn’t desirable. In such situations inspirational love stories can help you regain your faith in love and let you look at life with renewed perspective.

Inspirational love stories are often full of positive vibes. Most often they help you analyze your situation and take notes to make a better life next time. Inspirational love stories teach you not to lose hope. They tell you about waiting for the right moment when the magic of love will happen to you. In a way, inspirational love stories are great moral boosters.

Couples in love can also draw inspiration from these love stories as these often tell you how to make your love life perfect. Teach you to appreciate the shortcomings of your partner and love the imperfections in them.To let you make your love life more special following is a soul-touching inspirational love story about a blind girl and a man.

The blind love
Martha was frustrated and angry when the doctor told her that she will not be able to see the beautiful world again. The car wreck hasn’t only wrecked her car but also wrecked her life. She is now sightless and of course, helpless. Before becoming blind she was working in an office and was efficient. She slipped into depression and stopped living. On one such frustrating day she was sitting in a bench in the park near her house when a man came to her and started talking. Initially she panicked but eventually she befriended with the man. After that day everyday the man used to come and sit beside her and talk. Martha suddenly realized that she now looks forward for her evening walks to the park. Suddenly she isn’t all bitter towards her life. She opened her heart to the man she can’t see. Finally, one day she finds herself saying to the man that she likes him. When she finished, however, she found the man being quite. She felt herself panicking. Of course which man will like a blind girl? Nonetheless she urged the man to say something .The man took her hand into her and quietly said-‘I want you to know that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. But if you know the truth about me you’ll hate me. I am the cause of your blindness. I was drunk driving the day I hit you. But I also want you to know that I loved you since the day I met you. I want to be with you and protect you and love you I want to compensate for my mistake by giving you all the happiness of life.’

Martha was outrageous at this confession. She was amazed at the bluntness of that man. It is because of him she is now blind. How could she allow tender feelings for him? She took her hand from his and started shouting at him; tears leaking from her blind eyes. She blamed him; called him names. The man said nothing. When she was about to go he said-‘Martha, I’ll wait for you tomorrow here at the same time.’

That night Martha couldn’t sleep. She was too angry to think. However, at the small hours of the night she dreamt about that man. She felt his warm hands upon hers. That day she returned to the park to find him waiting for her. She started to walk towards him-her heart content and full of love. She has now realized that the greatest treasure of life is love and she can get it only by forgiving the man.

Inspirational love stories teach you about the strength of love. They inspire you to look beyond the limitations of the other person. If you are facing difficulties in your love relation take time in reading inspirational love stories. May be you will find a new enthusiasm in working out your love affair.

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