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Helen Of Troy And Paris

Historical love stories have an element of chivalry to offer to its readers. Mydearvalentine offers a genial account of the romance between the historical characters of Helen of Troy and Paris. Your passion for the adventurous and chivalrous experiences will be ignited with this story on Valentine's Day and your celebration can be a success with your lover coupled with the romantic love story of Helen of Troy and Paris.

Helen of Troy, "the face that launched a thousand ships" was known for her beauty as depicted in the Greek mythology. She was the wife of Menelaus and the daughter of Zeus by Leda.

Her abduction by Paris led to the historical Trojan War. As a child, Helen was abducted by Theseus and Pirithous as the former wanted to marry her. They decided to hold her until she was old enough to be married, but Helen was rescued by her brothers and she was brought back to Sparta. When Helen reached the marriageable age many young contenders from all over the world came to seek her hand or sent emissaries for the same purpose. Menelaus emerged to be the favorite one from among numerous eligible competitors. Menelaus was unfortunately in exile and his brother represented him. Menelaus was married to Helen and after Tyndareus's death became the king of Sparta.

The Trojan prince, Paris, after a few years came to Sparta intending to marry Helen as goddess Aphrodite had promised to her to him after he selected the later as the most beautiful of the goddesses. According Aphrodite's promise to Paris, Helen fell in love with him and abandoned Menelaus and their nine-year-old daughter Hermione. According to mythological accounts Helen's relation with Paris varies greatly. Some show her as the lover of Paris under Aphrodite's spell, as she had promised him and simultaneously in some sources she is portrayed as the unwilling captive of Paris or even so as the cruel selfish woman who inflicted immense destruction and sorrow in the lives of everybody around her. In Euripides' play Helen, Hermes designed a likeness of her out of the clouds at Zeus's request, and Helen never returned to Troy, she stayed in Egypt for the entire period of war. On the whole she has been described as a splendid beauty.

Menelaus on discovering about his wife's absence, called upon all the suitors to serve their duty of protecting the king and the queen. Thus, commenced, the Trojan War as the whole of Greece participated in it, either supporting Troy or supporting Menelaus. Later Paris was killed by Philoctetes in Trojan War. With the death of Paris his brother, Deiphobus married Helen, but he was also killed by Menelaus. Menelaus with the intention of killing his faithless wife raised his sword. But the very sight of her flawless beauty made him drop his sword and to lead her safely to the Greek ships.

The reasoning of love still remains a mystery enshrouded in the garb of either myth or historical truth as various sources claim variedly about Helen's affair with Paris or her abduction by Paris. To know more about the famous love novels visit My Dear Valentine, which offers a detailed account of the most talked about romance between Helen of Troy and Paris.

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