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Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche

Celebrity romances have always gained a different flavor of recognition when it comes to mentioning the most advertised and publicized gay romance between the media personalities, Ellen DeGenres and Anne Heche. Ellen Degenres the American talk show host shot into the lime light with her loud and bold confession regarding her being a gay and about her gay partner Anne Heche in the television show Ellen. Despite the huge publicity, Ellen never wanted to be the spokesperson for the gay associations. In relation to this revelation, her chat show, Ellen went off air in 1998 despite its positive ratings. After a short break Ellen again found her way back with yet another short survived chat show, Ellen Show and this was also sent off air within a year or so, thanks to her gay antics.

Finally the year 2000 saw not only her devastating break up with Anne Heche, but also her starring in the HBO series, "If These Walls Could Talk Too" which she had produced as well. Mydearvalentine offers a detailed account of the celebrity romance between Ellen DeGenres and Anne Heche.

As a result to her break up with her long time love and partner Anne Heche who left her for a man, Ellen was left totally lonely and devastated and disillusioned in life as she felt she won't find love again in her life. After some time though she recovered from her state of shock and she started dating other women in order to get on with the regularities of life. Ellen started dating Alex Hedison, the photographer, the very next year she broke up with Anne. Ellen broke up with Alex as well in 2004. Ellen found positive popularity with the media and the masses with her role Dory a funny and yet inspiring fish in the popular animated Hollywood comedy, "Finding Nemo". Ellen passed the test of time and her real strength surfaced with her popular talk show, "The Ellen DeGenres Show" which was a popular afternoon entertainment for American women.

The American actress, screenwriter and director, Anne Heche's full name is Anne Celeste Heche and she was born in Ohio on 25th May, 1969. Anne claims to have had a very torturous childhood and she eventually grew up to be a talented actress and later came up to reflect her leanings towards her alternate sexual choices. One of her contributions which shot her in lime light and she also won a Daytime Emmy Award was her role in Another World. She played the double role as Vicky Hudson and Marley Love Hudson. Few of the other big budget movies to her credit are "Donnie Brasco", "Volcano", "Wag the Dogs, Six Days and Seven Nights" and finally rounding up at "Psycho". Her recent job profile includes the television drama "Men in Trees".

Her personal life includes the highly publicized affair with Ellen DeGenres which later ended in a break up as Anne went ahead and married the cameraman Coley Laffoon and they now have a son named Homer Heche Laffoon. Regarding her relationship with Ellen and the alleged break up between them Anne now claims of being mentally unstable for getting into a gay relationship and she ascribes her illness to her harsh and unstable childhood. As of now this celebrity couple has parted ways and their romance is on the rocks as they have separate aspirations in life now.

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