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Anime Love Story

Love knows no boundaries and it can be expressed through any medium. Hence, Anime love stories are greatly popular worldwide.

Anime is the abbreviation of animation and is associated with Japanese animation. In fact, Japanese animation has been nicknamed as Anime. Japanese animations have earned worldwide recognition and have devoted section of audience. Japanese animations now have worldwide popularity. English dubbed or subtitled animations have successfully attracted the audiences of English speaking counties as well. Animations are circulated through TVs, DVDs as well as online, which have earned anime love stories a dedicated audience base.

Animes are targeted mainly to the young audience and hence, romantic relations in these stories play a very crucial role. Anime love stories are greatly appreciated by teenagers and young adults. If you love animation then these can make a very good inclusion in the list of Valentine’s Day. Some of the popular anime love stories are as follows.

Bulma and Vegeta
Probably they are the most interesting couple of the anime world. Vegata is intense and arrogant and Bulma used to distaste him for his highhandedness. Who could have guessed that the two will fall for each other? If you enjoy intense love stories then this is a winner for you. Enjoy their clash of personalities this V-day.

Miaka and Tamahome
This anime love story can make a great movie. This love story has an intriguing plot, which has made it an interesting watch. Miaka mysteriously gets transported to a strange world through a book. In the strange world she gets attacked by a group of men. Tamahome comes to her rescue and their adventure begins. You will surely enjoy how their love unfolds and hence it can make a good choice of anime love story to enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask
It is a story of an odd couple. They are the two most unlikely people to come together. She is always complaining and he is grumpy and reserved. But in real life too you may come across couples like that. Hence, you can always enjoy this anime love story.

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