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Wiccan Love Spells

The world of Wicca is as complex as it is engrossing. Witchcraft and Wicca are two separate entities. Wicca is a recognized religion, whereas witchcraft is part of no religion at all. Centuries old Wiccan interpretation of Nature and the relationship between nature and man can be said to be based, very loosely on witchcraft.

However, Wicca world does not have any place for Satan or demons or devils, according to Wiccans, "Harm None", is the main tenet of their Rede. And Satan is a very Christian concept. Wiccans prefer to call themselves healers, they appreciate the vagaries of Nature, draw strength from it and humble themselves before the supreme force that guides man. A Wiccan is not only a protector, he or she is also a giver and seeker of the gems of wisdom which is only available from Nature.

Wiccan tenets were there right from the beginning of civilization or when man learnt to question the whys and wherefores. But different pre Christian beliefs were scattered in Northern Europe (Scandinavia), Scotland, Ireland and Wales each had their set of beliefs for supernatural occurrences. Wicca is the congregation of all those beliefs, therefore the pagan scattered rituals and beliefs were compiled in the Wicca system of belief and rituals. Rituals have elements of magick in them and Wiccan love spells are not only explosive but compelling too.

There are many types of Wiccan love spells. Let My Dear Valentine make this concept clearer. Firstly Wiccan love spells makes it clear that one has to be open to love otherwise no spell is ever going to work. So removal of internal block is very important. Secondly the path of love has to be demarcated.

For example when you are in quest for love, gather five red roses and start dropping the roses while you go from your house or are coming back to your house chanting, "this is the path of love. My true love will find me." Another interesting Wiccan love spell is the true love spell. If you want true love in your life, then take two silver dollars or if they are unavailable, take two pennies. Just fling them in the air and chant, "May I go to my own true love."

It needs to be clearly mentioned that Wicca and witchcraft are not the same thing, so it is better to approach a Wiccan only if there is clarity of purpose and of course, there must not be the intention to harm or hurt anyone.