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Top Ten Love Spells

How many times have you felt, “I don’t know what there is about this person, but she (or he) seems to be casting a spell?”  Sometimes the person can look rather plain, and not seem to have any special qualities at all, but a certain twinkle, a certain look, and others are drawn inexplicably under the spell. 


Spells always seem to be a strange voodoo world of witchcraft, but in reality, they follow the same laws of logic as any other psychic phenomenon.  Spells are not going to work if you don’t keep an open mind.  Spells rely greatly on ceremony and objects that gather the forces of positive energy and will lose their effectiveness when confronted with negative thoughts. 


In countries where witchcraft is accepted as a true ability, such as the Latin American countries, Romania, Italy, or among gypsy camps, spell binding is as strong and riveting as watching a dance in front of a fire. 


1. Simple Love Spell (Male or female)

This is probably the best spell for people who are uncomfortable with a lot of ceremony.  It uses the direct process of meditation, focus and concentration. When we dream at night, we bring to mind the yearnings we have for the perfect soul mate.  This is a way of bringing those dreams out into the open and concrete reality.  Create a picture in your mind of your partner. These vibrations can attract this person into your life.  Create a relationship collage with pictures of things that matter.  Be specific when you visualize it.

Put it in writing. Make a list of what you need.  Put the list where you will be able to see it on a regular basis.  Focus on the list and speak it aloud.



2. Special Forces Spell

Good witches do not recommend trying to conjure a spell for attracting a specific person, as this takes away the quality of free will.  This love spell is for drawing the man of your dreams to you, based on his qualities.  Do not visualize physical features as these are superficial characteristics. You will notice that this spell is very similar to the simple love spell, but uses more ceremony.  This is to be done on a Friday under a full moon.  Things you need include a sheet of lined paper, a red pen, a letter envelope, a favorite type of perfume, a favorite shade of lipstick (red) and flower petals of red or pink.  Write out the qualities you want using a pen.  Then, sprinkle the paper with your perfume.  Fold the paper and put it inside the envelope.  Next, take the flower petals, hold them and envision yourself in love. Drop the petals. Apply the red lipstick, then seal the spell closed with a kiss.  Place the envelope in a safe place.  Don’t open it!


3. Attraction Charm

The full moon is a powerful force, and many spells are worked under its influence.  Think of the objects you use for creating your charms as vessels to contain the magic energy of the moon and you will feel this magic flow through you.  By the light of the moon, take a silver ring and wrap it using a cloth of white color. Dig a small hole and bury it. Focus on the lover you want and pour a small amount of wine over the earth while you recite these words:
“Blessed Mother fair and true
This Gift I offer unto You
Bless this ring and make it shine
Bring a lover to be mine
So Mote it Be!”
Leave the ring buried until the next full moon, then dig it up and put it on.



4. Drive You Mad

You don’t just want to put a spell on your loved one.  You want the object of your affections to go mad with desire.  From the deepest annals of witchcraft, here is the spell.  Go into a clearing in the woods, and make sure it is on a Friday night or a Monday night.  Build a campfire.  The next step is to throw a handful of coriander seeds while saying:
“O magic coriander, make him/her mad”
(While sprinkling caraway seeds)
“O magic caraway cause his/her wandering without surcease”
(With mastic gum put in)
“O magic mastic put in his/her heart despair and tears”
(With a sprinkle of cumin)
“O magic cumin bring him/her to me”
(Afterward, throw verdigris, the blue green coating that forms on copper, on the fire saying)
“O magic verdigris light the fire in his/her heart”
Take myrrh, throw it, and say:
“O magic myrrh cause him/her a frightful night”
Take the straw from a cemetery broom and put it on the fire while saying:
"O magic broom bring him/her to me"


5. A Spell to Bind Your Lover

Items needed include three 15-inch ribbons (preferably of colors pink, lavender, white), a vanilla pod and the dates are January 19 (St. Agnes Eve) or February 13 (Valentines Eve).  Braid the ribbons saying your beloved's name and yours and asking the Goddess of Love, Venus to strengthen your bond.  Place the ribbons next to your heart and wish for good things.  Tie the vanilla pod with the ribbons and hold it tight. 



6. White Candle Spell (Attracting a New Person)

Cast your spell with tenderness for you are the one initiating and inviting a response.  This spell is meant to attract a new lover and the degree of permanency is entirely reliant on yourself.  Buy a white candle; preferably a broom or bride candle; but a four inch alter candle will do as well.  Prepare an altar and decorate it with things that have personal meaning to you or the object of the spell.  Using a rose thorn from a white rose bush, inscribe the words "All my love come to me" 3 times on the candle.  Place the candle in the center of the altar.  Now light it and visualize your love bond growing.  When the candle burns out, collect the wax and wrap it up with your sacred things.  The subject of this candle will not go mad with passions, but will deliver all the love he or she has to offer, which may or may not be as much as you are able to give back, which is why you want to consider carefully your responsibility for the spell.  If in the future you no longer wish to receive that person’s love, dispose of the ritual remains in a ceremonial way.  You can burn the wax remains in a fire, throw it in a river or bury it at a crossroads, but you must dispose of it if you no longer wish to receive your lover’s affections. 


7. Knot Love Spell

Here is another spell you can break if you decide the love you have attracted is not the one you wish to be with the rest of your life.  You will need three long pieces of yarn.  One of the colors should be red for passion, another pink, for love and the other white, for purity.  Make a braid with them and tie a knot at one end.  As you tie the knot, visualize a new love coming into your life.  Say the following:
"Venus, Queen of Love, divine
Bring the love to me that's mine."



As you braid the strings, visualize your new love coming to you, evoking the feelings of romance and happiness.  Make another knot, repeating your prayer.  Do this seven times until you have seven knots and a full length braid.  Keep the knotted string with you (you may wish to fashion it into a necklace or bracelet and wear it) until you find your perfect love.  Afterwards, keep the cord in a safe environment. 


8. Gifts Spell

Do you want your new lover to shower you with gifts?  Then cast a spell to make him more giving.  You will need a golden candle (true gold color, not orange), benzonin oil, white sugar, a string of pearls.  This one is ideally done on a Thursday during the full moon.  Roll the candle in the oil and sugar.  Now let it dry.  Put the remnants in a candle holder.  Wind the string of pearls at the bottom of the candleholder.  When you light it speak the following:
“Show your love in ways I can see
with harm to none, so mote it be!”

9. Bring Your Love to the Alter

Here is a simple little spell that may have much to do with the power of suggestion.  Buy a wedding band or ring (it can be fake) and wear it around your neck each time you go out with your lover.  In a very short time, that love of your life will get the idea he should marry you.



10. Keep Your Wishes Strong

There are always things you wish for from your new love, or your long-term existing one.  Or maybe you just wish for the best that life can offer the two of you.  Here is a spell to help bring all those happy wishes true.  You will need a bay leaf, a pen and a new moon.  (Especially powerful if done while the sun is in the sign Leo July 23-August 22)


On the night that has a new moon, write your wish upon a stable bay leaf.  Now take the bay leaf and look at the moon.  Kiss it thrice and sleep with it under your pillow.   How’s that for a lesson in love?  Spells away, girls.