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Teen Love Spells

These days among the teenagers it's a major craze to practice witchcraft to attain the things of their desire. Teen Goddess: How to Look, Love & Live Like a Goddess by Catherine Wishart opens up a new avenue of witchcraft for teenagers and mydearvalentine offers detailed information about the aspect of teen love spells coming under the realm of love spells.

Teenagers presently are rejecting Christianity and they are accepting the Wicca way of living. They cast spells for exams, communicate with the spirits and predict the future and also cast evil spells on others.

As the saying goes, you don't choose witchcraft, it chooses you. On the basis of this statement we can scrutinize if these teenagers are born with any special gifts of nature that enables them to communicate with the spirits and to foresee the future or do they develop these qualities within themselves with passing time.

As they come closer to the field of witchcraft and the supernatural powers, they study about them and find out by interacting with the practicing witches that the followers of Wicca necessarily don't worship the devil and it's in fact a big misconception leading to the activities of witch hunting etc. According to the teen age witches and wizards, witchcraft is spiritual and something that's nature based. And as per their rules, the witches never point out at another witch; they normally know each other by wearing different symbols of nature known as pentacle, which is a circle with a 5-point star. It is a popular symbol of witchcraft and represents earth, water, fire, spirit and air.

Carve your initials on the inside of one half of an apple as you cut it in half, and your lover's name on the inside of the other half. Close both the halves back together, loosely threaded together by red thread with a sewing needle in each of them. Hang this with a pink ribbon from the tree it came, and say the charm, "Apple of love, leaf of tree, find him, and bind him, now to me".

Among the teen spells, candles play a very important role as they lead to easy solutions for love problems without much hassle. It's important to use virgin candles, as used candles carry the energies of former usage along with them and may diminish the effectiveness of the present ritual. For a ritual, always use new candles. With a small knife carve the name of the person or your goal in the candle. With pure olive oil or a suitable essential oil anoint the candle. Light it and put the candle in the holder and visualize your goal for as long as possible, or recite affirmations (a sentence). Then put out the candle. Until you get results, repeat this thrice for several days. Then let the candle burn away completely. Different candles represent different emotions and reasons; for example, pink represents Friendship, Honor and Love.

Red Candle Love Spell
Take a circular disk containing sacred imagery and a wooden Peyton, and carve a heart as a symbol of love on it. Dress it with your favorite oils or with honey or water. Take a red candle, of any size, light it and let a little of the wax drip over the heart. Pray to your deity to show you the true love of your life and then leave the Peyton near a window to symbolize your vigilant watch, face up. This should not be used as a means of manipulating others. It's meant to show you the one who is meant to be your lover.

Make Yourself More Desirable
This is a simple and easy Love Spell that will make you more desirable to the opposite sex and will uplift your confidence.

Ingredients: 1 pink candle, 1 bottle of 100% Virgin Olive oil
Process: place the candle on the altar and dress it with the olive oil. Rub the oil onto the candle starting from the middle and going up, then starting from the middle and going down. Visualize love and concentrate all your emotion into the candle, as you want to recharge the candle with love and desire. Later take a knife and carve what you want to desire into the candle. After you've finished writing on the candle light the candle and concentrate on love and throw as much emotion into the flame as possible, if you wish you may even add words. Continue doing this until the candle has burnt out totally. Make sure there's no disturbance. The more attractive you feel, the more this spell will work for you. The spell is finished once the candle has burned out.