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Spells to Find Your Soulmate

Soul mate spells add a different dimension to the realm of love spells, which is rich in Wicca solutions to love problems. Mydearvalentine offers a detailed account of soul mate spells coming under the section of love spells.

Soul Mate Love Spell
With the help of this spell you can find your soul mate who is meant for you. It is normally a safe spell to try out but regarding consequences, the responsibility is all yours.

Ingredients: Special type of paper, like hemp, cotton, real parchment and whatever you consider special.

For ritual writing one can use a quill, fountain pen, or favorite ballpoint in whatever color ink desired. Moon Incense, Charcoal or a small ritual fire.

Procedure: This ritual can be performed any time after dark or during the waxing moon. Create your personal circle and prepare while you write with the ritual pen on the special paper. Write the words of power that will find the most perfect partner for you. Do not think of someone in particular or avoid remembering a specific person. In case you fail to find the right words then say, "If there be a perfect match, this work tonight will surely catch. The perfect one who is meant to be shall find his/her way home to me. In perfect love and perfect trust, I send this out, but not from lust, this spell will guide us to unite, freewill remains with us tonight".

After you finish, just read twice to confirm if there are any mistakes and if you are satisfied, meditate on your goal as you light your ritual fire or the charcoal. Focus when you know the time is right, prepare for the physical facet of the ritual. When the charcoal is glowing at its peak, read aloud your objective, and repeat it thrice. As you come to the end of each repetition, sprinkle a handful (tablespoon) of the Moon Incense into the fire. Make up a recipe of the Moon Incense and accustom yourself to its nature prior to the ritual. Fold the paper and keep it with you for 3 days under your pillow, mattress, or pin it to your night clothes while you sleep. After 3 days, light another ritual fire and repeat the Circle of Power, reading and following the incense procedure and burn the paper when you are done, this time. You can also keep the paper in a special spell box as many witches have special boxes to keep finished working stuffs in. Normally, similar spells are kept together, or each spell is kept in separate boxes.

To Find Your Future Love

Ingredients: Black cloth, spring water, 1 white candle, and Sandalwood incense cauldron

Procedures: Drape the altar with the black cloth as you cast a circle. Keep the cauldron of spring water on the cloth and then light the candle and place it on one side of the bowl. As you light the incense and place it on the other side, chant the following spell. The room should be entirely dark. "Gaze, gaze and bring to me. Find that face that I must see. Let me see my future mate, to know which one will be my fate". Calm yourself after you have said the spell and look into the cauldron having the water, concentrate as you look into the bowl. Instead of focusing on any one person specifically, let the images surface. Finally you should be ready to accept what you see.