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Real Love Spells

Magic as known for ages and decades down the line, bears the legacy of real and supreme power and this aspect of magic and witchcraft has always been scrutinized and discussed by the practitioners down the ages. Real love spells are the ones implied to work for the lovers, but this doesn't guarantee positive results in all situations. Real love spells may have their own backlogs or may back fire for unknown and unexplained reason.Here, we are providing you with some of the most effective love spells and we hope they render positive results.


A Love Spell

Pink candle, Musk oil Pin Marjoram herb, little pink or red pouch metal or glass plate, A small pink cloth with the words written "dream of me, be with me" on one side and "just a little nudge" on the other side.

Draw a circle; cover the pink candle with the musk oil while you think of your lover. Engrave his or her name on one side of the candle with the pin and on the other side engrave the word "love". Keep the pink cloth in a plate and the "just a little nudge" written portion should be facing down. Light the pink candle and fix the cloth in the plate so that the hot wax should drip on to the corners of the cloth. Let some wax drip on the centre of the cloth and then finally fix it there. Form a heart in the middle of the cloth using the dripping wax and visualize the object of your desire. Empower a pinch of marjoram and press it strongly between your fingers and feel the energy flowing in.Now sprinkle the marjoram in such a manner that it touches the heart and the candle and let the candle burn away and crinkle the hard wax as much as possible as you think of your lover. Taking the remains of the wax, marjoram and the cloth put them in the small pink or red pouch and sleep with that pouch under your pillow and allow yourself to dream of your lover. Continue this until you meet the person of your dreams. When you go to meet the person carry the pouch and when you see that your lover has touched the pouch, close your eyes and feel the power. Look straight into his or her eyes as you open your eyes think, "So Mote Be It" in your mind.

Within the realm of real love magic voodoo love spells form a very important part and parcel of magic and witchcraft. Though voodoo love spell is very effective, it should be performed with utmost care and concern.


Voodoo Love Spell

It's not important to use the lover's oil or magic oil. Even olive oil or any other type of oil will do. Anoint a red candle with the lover's oil or any other oil that can be used. Another prominent and most used method of casting spells in voodoo magic is using a doll to prepare a love ritual. It's strongly advisable that the practitioner should burn lover's incense while they repeat the following spell thrice each night and continue this for 5 consecutive nights. "I Am Possessed By Burning Love for This Man or Woman, And This Love Comes To Me from Apsaras, Who Is Victorious Ever. Let This Man or Woman Yearn For Me. Desire Me; Let His or Her Desire Burn For Me! Let This Love Come Forth From the Spirit and Enter Him or Her, Let Him or Her Desire Me as Nothing Has Been Desired Before! I Love Him or Her, Want Him or Her, He or She Must Feel the Same Desire for Me! O Spirit of the Air Let Him or Her Burn with Love for Me". Applying this can guide you to fulfill your aims and Remember, this can be a guide and you can write his or her name on paper and burn the paper, or you can write their names in Runes. Pictures of your lovers can also be used.

Powerful love spells are considered equally important in solving love related problems and as they are very strong in nature, one should be very careful while using them. A wrong application can ruin things both for the practitioner and the person s/he desires.


Bring Back My Lover Spell

8:00 in the evening is the best time to cast this spell.

Ingredients: 2 white candles, a photo or drawing of your lover or friend and make sure that he should be alone in the photo, a photo of yourself smiling, a chamomile tea bag, and a piece of blue material

Procedure: At 8:00 in the evening, Light the candles and relax by taking a few deep breaths. Try and imagine anything peaceful. Take the concerned person's picture in your hand and repeat this spell: "With the light of the flame, I'll light your desire, when I speak your name you'll feel my fire, the spell has been cast so be it". Take his name three times, slowly and put your picture face down over his picture so that both the pictures are together and wrap them in the blue cloth along with the tea bag. Put the package in some safe place. To be sure that your ex-lover gets the message, light the candles each night at 8:00 and say his name thrice. Wait for 3 weeks and see if he meets you. If the spell works then he will want to meet you for sure.

The realm of real love spells is very wide and equally supreme. However, love spells and witchcraft and are not meant for just playing around or for fun. Thus it's advisable for amateur practitioners to take precautions while performing these rituals.